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Stupid Inserts Part V: 2000 Pacific Christmas Ornaments

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If ever there was a bigger design fail, I’d like to see it. The visual appeal of these Ornament cards are great; die-cut card stock, holofoil and holiday colors make up a background where upon a player’s image is set. But the 2000 renditions of this set, the first time Pacific did them, was an epic disaster because Pacific decided to include a piece of elastic string which ultimately left every single card with a crease right down the middle.

The string can be moved, but as you can see here, it really doesn’t make much of a difference. If you look at the card from the bottom, you can see how the card stock has conformed around the string.

In 2001 Pacific went back to the well again , and the result was a much better card; this time no string was attached and the hole was made as a pop out for optional usage.

Stupid Inserts Part IV: 2005 Playoff Prestige “Connections”

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2005PrestigeConnectionsJeterRodriguezLook, I understand the idea behind creating cards featuring one or more players from the same team. Some collectors dig that kind of stuff, especially when the card features two of the hobby’s heaviest hitters: Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. But what makes this 2005 Playoff Prestige “Connection” insert set ridiculous is the freakin’ design. Look at the left hand side of this card. Who the hell is Rodri? Maybe the card was supposed to say “A-Rod,” but fact is Playoff had to fill that space with something and they chose Rodri. Boo!

Stupid Inserts Part III: 2001 Fleer Game Time “New Order”

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2001FleerGameTimeNewOrderJasonGiambi2001FleerGameTimeNewOrderJasonGiambi2Hate to be all negative and what not, but what the hell was Fleer thinking when they created this card? This is a 2001 Fleer Game Time “New Order” die-cut insert featuring Jason Giambi. Don’t get me wrong, the card looks pretty cool. I dig the die-cut job, and the holofoil on the right side looks nice.

But what the hell is the point here? Look at the lineup card filled out to the left. It’s for “Oakland,” and shows Giambi in the No. 3 hole, which is where he hit at the height of his career, particularly with the A’s. What’s “New” about that?

It looks like Fleer tried to create a “New” all-star-type lineup with Andruw Jones hitting leadoff, Nomar Garciaparra batting second, Giambi third, and Manny Ramirez cleanup, followed by Sammy Sosa, Ivan Rodriguez, Darin Erstad, Scott Rolen and Pokey Reese. Problems: Of the guys listed, only Giambi ever played for Oakland. and secondly, FIVE of the guys are not even in this friggin insert set, a 15-card billing that features all of the usual heavy hitters, but nowhere to be found are: Andruw, I-Rod, Erstad, Rolen and Pokey. Interesting, no?

Oh, an who the hell is Don Latham, the guy who is listed here as Manager? Was this HIS fantasy team back in 2000?