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TTM Success — Charlie Manuel

Posted in TTM Success with tags , , , , on July 27, 2010 by Cardboard Icons

Received this autographed Charlie Manuel postcard in the mail today in lieu of the 2010 Topps Heritage card I sent him several months ago. I’ve received four returns from Phillies personnel in recent year and all of them have come back as post cards. Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins were most definitely pre-printed autos; my Chase Utley appears to be real — the Sharpie layer is on top and there is a little streaking in the ink. And now this Charlie Manuel, which by the scan may appear to be a pre-print, but I can tell you first-hand that it is not. You can see the indentation on the cardstock — also my dumbass just smudged the ink after scanning this image. *facepalm*

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TTM Success: Max Scherzer

Posted in TTM Success with tags , , , , on July 7, 2010 by Cardboard Icons

It doesn’t take much to get me excited in terms of TTM success. The way I figure, anytime I actually get something returned to me, it’s a good day.  I came home today to find a personalized 2008 UD Masterpieces Maz Scherzer auto in the mail. But what makes this even more cool is that I recently moved and the pieces was forwarded to me — and the card survived. No creases! Given the circumstances, I’d say this is an exceptional day.

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A frustrating TTM success — Terry Francona

Posted in TTM Success with tags , , , , , on June 5, 2010 by Cardboard Icons

I don’t think Tito likes me.

For the second time in three years, I sent a through the mail request to Terry Francona asking for his autograph. As a big Red Sox fan, it is only natural that I try to obtain the autograph of the skipper who has lead my favorite team to a pair of World Series titles in the last six years.

The first time I sent him a 2006 Allen & Ginter card that featured him in a Red Sox jacket. A few months later I received an envelope back with TWO autographs … but neither of them were the card I sent. These cards showed him as members of the Cincinatti Reds and Montreal Expos.

I was slightly disappointed, but happy to have even received his signature. So I proudly displayed the Reds card along with my Sox collection because the color scheme was somewhat close.

Fastforward to this Spring Training. I again decided to try Francona, this time sending him a new 2010 Bowman Heritage manager card showing him in BoSox gear. On Friday I was thrilled to see that an envelope had arrived from Yawkey Way bearing the name Francona.

But as I went to open it, I noticed that the envelope seemed a little flimsy. I knew at that moment that I had not received the card I sent. Instead I got this 1989 Topps card featuring him as an Indian.

I now have three Francona autos on cards showing him in three different uniforms. And all I really want is one showing him as a Boston Red Sox. Gah!

For the record, I am sure the cards just got mixed up when Terry was in the middle of his signing sessions. He doesn’t really hate me. Maybe I shall just try again.

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TTM Success: Gordon Beckham … and Koji Uehara

Posted in TTM Success with tags , , , , , on April 18, 2010 by Cardboard Icons

Received a very nice surprise yesterday in my mail box, a 2010 Topps Heritage cards signed by Gordon Beckham. I’d kind of gone through a TTM Success drought over the last month, which was to be expected. Unless you send your requests early (as in before players arrive to sprint training) you’re likely to have to wait several months to receive anything back. I sent to Beckham (and many others) after he had already arrived at Spring Training. I am fortunate to have this one so quickly (about 6 weeks). I saw on Twitter than one of my followers also received his request back on Saturday, so there’s hope for all of you who sent to Beckham this spring.

Also, two weeks ago I received this Koji Uehara 2010 Topps Heritage. I forgot to write about it.

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TTM Success: An MVP, a ROY and a No-Hit pitcher

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Late last week I received three more TTM successes: author of a 1972 no-hitter and near perfect game, Milt Pappas; 2009 American League Rookie of the Year Andrew Bailey; and 1960 National League Most Valuable Player Dick Groat.

The Pappas card is signed on his 1958 Topps rookie card, which makes for a cool addition to my collection. I do own two of these rookies, so this seemed like a reasonable card to have signed. Very happy to see the return, but the signature is pretty odd when compared to others I have seen. As for the use of ballpoint pen, I actually don’t mind it at all on vintage cards. It gives it an old, authentic feel … even if this one appears to merely be scribbled.

The Bailey signature is the latest in my not-yet-announced Rookie of the Year autograph project. Earlier this month I received Chris Coughlan, the National League ROY, so my 2009 set is complete. Of note, this card, which was returned within eight days, was signed during the week that was he off during Spring Training resting his elbow. Kind of a neat story.

And perhaps the coolest card returned this week is this 1955 Topps Dick Groat. I bought this single at my local card shop from the bargain bin for a buck, and then realized when I got home that I already had this card from a lot I bought on eBay. Days later learned that Groat was a great TTM signer, so I sent it his way with a request to add the MVP inscription. He obliged. Awesome success.

I still have another 40 or so requests out to current and former players. You can see the entire list of requests and success — with pictures — in this original post. I’ll be using that thread for all of my 2010 TTM requests, even after Spring Training ends.

A trio of Spring Training TTM Successes

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These are the latest of my TTM Successes. With these, I am now 7/41. You can see all of my 2010 TTM sendouts and success HERE. I’ll be sending out another dozen or so requests this week.

received 3/12 -- ballpoint pen

received 3/11 -- personalized

recieved 3/11 -- smudged, card creased in the mail

Two more TTMs received including a Rookie of the Year

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Today was indeed a good day to look in my mailbox. Two TTM successes today, Pirates catching prospect Tony Sanchez, the No. 4 pick in the 2009 draft. And 2009 National League Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan, twice. The Coghlan’s are awesome. Perfect ink, and no creases in the cards.

Over the last few years I’ve managed to get through the mail autos of three of the four latest rookies of the year, including Geovany Soto (08 NL) and Evan Longoria (08 AL). I really need to get a request out to Andrew Bailey. This is a nice little trend I have started. You can see my on-going 2010 TTM sendout/received post HERE.