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An alternative to THE Honus Wagner t206 card has arrived

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Like many of you, the 1909-11 t206 Honus Wagner is considered the Holy Grail of Sportscards.  It’s such a rare card that even in the worst condition an authentic copy costs about as much as a house.

Well, I’ve come to terms with the fact that unless I managed to unearth one of these Wagners during a trip to a garage sale or a thrift store I’ll never own one.

So where does that leave me, a collector who aims to get the rookie card or a very early card of every Hall of Famer? It basically sends me looking for alternatives.

Wagner has quite a few options.  I could’ve settled for the 1948-49 Leaf card that is a bit more common but I actually don’t like that card because it’s hideous and was produced like 40 years after his iconic card.  And most of the Wagner tobacco era cards — the non-t206 ones — still go for upward of four figures.  I mean it’s Honus freakin’ Wagner, a hobby giant, I would expect nothing less.

But then I found what I have deemed to be a much cheaper alternative: the 1909-11 Colgan’s Chips card/disc. photo E478CD75-2D36-4881-8877-9DE6778B4000_zpsrjnl8lmu.jpg

It may not have corners, but this item has a few things going for it. First off, if that pose looks familiar that’s because it’s the same one used on the legendary Wagner. Secondly, it hails from 1909-11, the same era as the hobby’s most expensive card. And third, it’s an item that was distributed in GUM packages instead of cigarettes.

Part of the reason the t206 Wagner is worth so much is because it was pulled from circulation at the request of Wagner who reportedly didn’t like his name being associated with tobacco. So the fact that this was a gum card adds some charm as Wagner likely approved of this.  Also, gum and baseball cards haven one hand in hand for much of the hobby’s history. 

This is my first true vintage Honus Wagner and in a few days I will unseal it from its SGC case and send it to Dallas, Texas, so that it can be slabbed by Beckett Grading. Upon its return, it will fit nicely in my graded card display case.

Rookie Card Upgrade: 1965 Topps Joe Morgan

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The latest in a series of recent upgrades.

The raw copy that I used as a place holder:
 photo CBF4EF89-08E0-4BBF-BFF0-816AB98E1A5E_zpsxegvajnp.jpg

New BVG slabbed copy:
 photo 4EAA5E6A-AB98-49EB-A4B1-1A4EAA445263_zpsqxouo6cw.jpg
1965 Topps is a classic set, but fonding nicely centered copies of key cards from the set is a problem, which was partially why I jumped on this slabbed Morgan when I did.

With all the recent added slabs to my collection it might be time for me to invest in a second display case.

Rookie Card Upgrade: 1972 Topps Carlton Fisk / Cecil Cooper 

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Since my last post was a Red Sox rookie upgrade, I may was well follow it up with another. 

Carlton Fisk had one of the most memorable home runs in baseball history while with Boston. Here is the raw copy of his 1972 Topps rookie card, which is also the rookie card of another solid player, Cecil Cooper. Like many of the raw vintage rookies in my collection they were a bit soft.
 photo CF85FE2E-D062-4258-A7F4-173412335272_zpsbpfnbgdr.jpg

For the price of two retail blasters I managed to acquire a gorgeous copy of this card, one that I can now proudly display with my other HOF rookie cards.
 photo EDD00E70-D407-4598-838B-A5CAAFAE699D_zpskna8ujsk.jpg

Rookie Card Upgrade: 1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski

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There’s something about Carl Yastrzemski that had always been appealing to me.  Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a legend. Maybe it’s because he played for my favorite team. Maybe it’s because I learned at an early age how to spell his last name and pronounce it. 

Whatever the reason, the 1960 Topps Yastrzemski rookie card has always been high on my want list.  As about a decade ago I acquire a raw copy that I later had slabbed and shown here. 
 photo 16068646-70FE-40D8-BB0F-D3A73C86A5F6_zpsfl6xjizk.jpg

I was happy with what I owned … Until recently when I started doing some upgrading of rookie cards. The Yaz in its 3.5 condition wasn’t bad …it just could be a whole lot better.  The corners were soft, the edges were too.  But this example always had decent centering which made it appealing.

Fast forward to about 10 days ago.  I acquired a 1965 Topps Mickey Mantle card from a seller on eBay who also had a nice BVG 7 Yaz rookie in his inventory.  

So we negotiated a bit and I struck a deal for this gorgeous Yaz. The card an obvious ink defect on the bottom border but centering is nice and the corners are fairly sharp.  And after selling the 3.5 Yaz to one of my Twitter followers, the cost of the upgrade was palatable. 
 photo 3F935229-053E-48E2-9156-DBF927393982_zpsffkb9exv.jpg

One of the aspects of the Yaz rookie that I love is that he is listed as a second baseman. 

My trade and want lists …

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Just a heads up to any of you looking at my trade and want lists, they are out of wack and pretty much useless right now. I’ve got to update some stuff on both lists. As it is right now, I am purging my common boxes and separating them by teams with hopes of doing some team trading — this means that I won’t be listing stuff older than 2009 in my trade lists. If you’re interested in trading YOUR Red Sox cards (or cards of Albert Pujols, Ichiro or certain other stars) for cards of your team, leave a comment below.

So far the following teams have been claimed: Dodgers, Orioles