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Card of the Day: 1995 Upper Deck Checklists Montreal Expos

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Pop quiz: What team won the National League Eastern Division before the Atlanta Braves went on its epic run of 11 straight titles? You guessed it, the Montreal Expos. The Expos have been an interesting franchise in the decade before it was owned and operated by Major League Baseball and then ultimately moved and renamed. But in the one season of glory during the 1990s, the Expos seemed destined for the World Series. Unfortunately it came in 1994, the season that was cut short due to a work stoppage. There were no playoffs that year, and the Expos never got to find out how good they were. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1974 Topps Hank Aaron All-Time Home Run King

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From the time most of us “young” (younger than 35) collectors were kids, Hank Aaron was the home run king. He was the baseball player depicted in school text books, named as the guy who took down the record set by the game’s biggest legend, Babe Ruth.

One look at this card to the left pretty much says it all: All-Time Home Run King. But what I find interesting about this particular card though is that when it was produced, Hank Aaron was not the king. If anything, he had just arrived in the royal castle and the king, Babe Ruth, was sharing his throne. Continue reading