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Thrift Treasures Part IX: I am Mr. Mint

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tt9ervingIt’s well documented on this blog that I am a baseball-only collector. But it’s also known that I am an opportunist.

So when life gives be a bag of 300 cards, more than half of which are MINT 1980-81 Topps basketball, for $2.98 — less than a single pack of 2009 Topps Heritage baseball — I make the best of it and proceed to the check stand without further delay.

And it is without further adieu that I present the latest treasures … Continue reading

2009 Topps Heritage Blaster Break

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2009toppsheritageallstarchaseutleyAs noted earlier this week, my time has been stretched thin, but alas here are the results of a recent 2009 Topps Heritage blaster break: Continue reading

Sometimes Less Is More (2009 Topps Heritage)

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2009toppsheritagemikeavilesI love retro sets, but honestly, sometimes they just don’t work. That is not the case with 2009 Topps Heritage. The cards are simple, beautiful and pretty authentic. As has been the case since 2001, Topps Heritage has given modern collectors a peak into what collecting was like in the 1950s (and now 1960). This years set features all of the same subsets that were in the original release 50 years ago. Among them are the all-star rookie cup cards like this Mike Aviles. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2009 Topps Heritage Raul Ibanez

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cotdYesterday I broke four packs of 2009 Topps Heritage and in the first pack was this Raul Ibanez card, the first featuring him as a member of the Phillies.

Now you and I know this card is Photoshopped. A good number of the images used in this set were snapped during spring training 2008, and during that time Ibanez was a Mariner — hence the gray undershirt with blue2009toppsheritageraulibanez trim. But this brings up a good question: Does Topps Heritage get a “pass” from collectors when it comes to doctored images?

Many people were up in arms over the 2008 Stadium Club Manny Ramirez card and I’m wondering if it would have been the same if that Manny card were featured in Heritage.

Props to Topps For Unsearchable Autos In Heritage

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mastersonI picked up four loose packs of 2009 Topps Heritage today at Target and walked away with this pictured Justin Masterson autograph. The box clearly had been riffled through; some packs upside down, some turned sideways, etc. I bought my packs hoping to pull some more Mayo inserts, a chrome and some Red Sox — not really looking for hits — but in the end ended up with an autograph. The reason this is noteworthy is because there are no standout features on this year’s autographs — i.e. no 3m stickers — which makes it very difficult for pack searchers to snag these during their daily searches. Just figured this was worth pointing out to anyone who was worried about buying retail Topps Heritage. There may be no relics because of the searchers, but know that the autographs should still be there.