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Well, it looks like I’ll have time to bust this box after all. I’ve invited my wife to sit here and open packs with me. Maybe, just maybe, we can pull another monster card like the Wade Boggs auto relic I snagged just minutes ago in my 2003 Topps Gallery box. 20 Packs, 5 cards per box. Relics fall 1: 9 packs

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LIVE! Box Break: 2002 Topps Gallery Baseball

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This is a live box break. I will post the contents of each pack as I open them and update this post. All scans — baring some monster hit — will be added later today. There are 24 packs in this box with 6 cards per. Autos and Relics are seeded 1 in 44 packs.


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Big shouts to Wax Heaven and Night Owl Cards

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2008agbaseballiconscampanellaMy mail man came extra early today and he might as well could have been Santa Claus. In the mail were two packages from fellow bloggers Mario from Wax Heaven and  Greg at Night Owl Cards … AND my three boxes of Topps Gallery, which I wrote about here.

Because I’m a fan of making things right, I’m going to show off the cards that were sent to me by these fellow bloggers before even discussing the Topps Gallery hobby boxes, which are still sitting here in their factory wrappers.

First, let’s look at the amazing stuff Mario sent me.

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A quick look at Topps Town (2009 Topps Baseball)

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2009toppstowndaisukematsuzakaOK, let me say first that it’s pretty obvious that is a card and game Web site geared toward kids. I figured as such when I started pulling these coded cards from packs of 2009 Topps baseball this week, but I was curious what I might be missing out on.

The Topps Town stuff existed last year, but honestly I chucked every single card I pulled because they looked like they were just filler. This year, the cards feature actual players, so there is some collectible factor to them. They are seeded one per pack and each card features a special code on the back redeemable for nonsense on the Web site. Continue reading

2009 Topps Baseball Hobby Box Break results:

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2009toppsturkeyredchristymathewsonEarlier I posted some initial thoughts on the 2009 Topps product. Here are the results of my single hobby box. If anyone has anything off my need list to finish the set, hit me up. Continue reading

Thoughts on 2009 Topps (Box Break)

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2009toppsI hit the hobby shop today and purchased my box of 2009 Topps baseball like many others did and let me just say that I’m pretty pleased with what the products has to offer this year. The design is clean — thank god they stayed away from that nasty 2007 design — and the inserts I feel were actually interesting. In recent years Topps has bogged down its base product with so many inserts that they almost seemed to take away from what makes base Topps good — its simplicity. Continue reading

36 Times Dope: The “YO! MTV Raps” Box Break (Part I)

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111_0772For about a year I’ve had this wonderful little box of unopened cards sitting in the truck of my car. I found this box of 1991 Pro Set “Yo! MTV Raps:Update” at a thrift store for a whole $3 and had intended to resell it on eBay. But to my surprise, the boxes don’t sell for much; I would have barely make my money back.

So for 12 months it ripened in my trunk, until Super Bowl Sunday, 2009, when my wife and I went shopping with our daughter before the game. When I pulled the stroller from the trunk, I spotted the box again and entertained the idea of just busting the box for fun. After all, I’ve been waiting all weekend to open packs of 2009 Topps baseball (Wednesday, baby!), and opening some of this stuff might soothe my itch.

So, from now through the first two weeks of March, each day I will post the contents of one pack, in the end hopefully ending up with an entire set of worthless, but entertaining cards. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be the proud owner of one of the rare “Bonus Hologram” collectibles advertised on the box. But if these holograms were anything like the Lombardi Trophy holograms from the football Pro Set series, odds are I’ll be S.O.L.

And just for kicks, I’m going to keep a running tab of M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice cards.

Without further adieu, here is pack No. 1, which I decided to let my wife open. Continue reading