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New Addition: 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Autograph Mike Trout

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At last, I can say I own a Mike Trout autograph … And no, I didn’t settle for one of his Elite or Bowman Platinum signatures.

Way back before Trout was a star — a legitimate star, not a baseball prospect — his Bowman Chrome prospect auto was an easy seller in the $100 range. I wanted one; but I passed figuring that like 90% of the other prospects, the prices for their early cards would come down.

Well, we all know that was not the case with Trout. His Chrome auto went through the roof, at times reaching $600 in ungraded condition.

The season Trout put together in 2012 mag have been one of the finest we’ve ever seen. And to some extent he’s almost repeated that performance here in 2013.

That said, prices on these bad boys have come down a bit, enough for me to finally take the plunge.


Topps puts collectors in an interesting situation for Pujols’ Angels cards

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By now you know that the 2012 base Topps set features a super short print card of Angels’ first baseman Albert Pujols.  It is the first card to feature Pujols in an Angels uniform, even though Panini America released a card of Pujols in its 2011 Elite Extra Edition that lists him as playing for “Los Angeles.”

The Panini card, which merely showed Pujols in a red workout shirt, sells for about $1.

The basic Topps card, which features Pujols in Photoshopped uniform, sells for about $100.

Topps’ short print card is desired not only by hardcore Topps collector’s, but also people who want Pujols shown as an Angel.

But here is where things get interesting:  Topps’ new release of 2012 Topps Heritage also has Pujols as an Angel and it is NOT a short print.

There is a variation of the newly released Pujols Heritage card, but a basic Heritage Pujols card featuring him in an Angels uniform can be had for int he neighborhood of $2.

Wonder where you’ll be spending your money.

A public service announcement from Mike Scioscia, manager of the 2002 World Series Champion Angels

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It aint over until it's over, Giants ... play ALL 27 outs tonight.