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In Memoriam: Tommy Hanson Aug. 28, 1986 – Nov. 10, 2015

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 Tommy Hanson

Aug. 28, 1986 – Nov. 10, 2015.


Goodbye Old “Friend”

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It’s not every day that someone offers you a vintage card (pre-1979) of a Hall of Fame player on the Topps Million Card Giveaway site. So when someone makes the offer, you’ve got to at least listen.

Such was the case Monday when I was offered a 1967 Topps Eddie Mathews card for my 1956 Topps Bob Friend. Neither card is going to be called the best card in my collection, but that’s a pretty fair trade of two cards of decent value — not exactly something you hear about on the site every day.

While most cards being given away in this promotion are commons from their respective sets, Friend is a semi-star who had a pretty decent career, and Mathews, as you know by now, is a Hall of Famer.

I suppose there is something to be said about the year each card was released. By no means is a 1967 Topps card as rare as a 1956. But neither card is really rare at all. It should be noted, however, that the MCG site only has three 1956 Topps Bob Friend cards available and only two 1967 Eddie Mathews.

Anyone make any noteworthy trades on the MCG site lately?

Rookie Card Showcase: 2007 Bowman Heritage Tommy Hanson

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Another prospect box success story.

Another prospect box success story.

Here’s why I love keeping my cheap prospects separated: You never know what you’ll unearth. This is not the best Tommy Hanson rookie card on the market, but it happens to be the one and only one I own — and I didn;t really know it until I went digging through my prospects. For every 100 prospect cards that’ll never be worth the cardboard they are printed one, you find one card that makes the whole effort worth while.

Hanson should be on his way to earning 2009 National League Rookie of the Year honors, and this 2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects card shows Hanson without that scraggly goatee. Until I go out an acquire a Bowman Chrome rookie, this one will have to do for my personal collection.

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Rookie Card Showcase: 2000 Topps Traded Adam Wainwright

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They told me to stop smiling, but how could I? I've been told that within a decade's time, I will be a Cy Young Award winner.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this should be your 2009 National League Cy Young Award winner. He also should be the winner of Game 2 of the NLDS versus the Dodgers, but we won’t go there, right, Mr. Matt Holliday Mr. Ryan Franklin?

What Wainwright accomplished during the 2009 regular season was simply spectacular. He won 19 games, posted a 2.63 ERA, struck out 212 batters and posted a strikeout to walk ratio close to 4:1. Tim Lincecum and Wainwright’s teammate Chris Carpenter deserve looks for the CY Young award as well, but Wainwright should be the winner.

The Cardinals stud is shown here on a 2000 Topps Traded rookie card, available only in factory sets. Wainwright, formerly of the Braves, only has a handful of rookie cards, none of which are horribly expensive. He also has a Chrome version of this card, which I do not own.

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A Trio of Traded Outfielders with Tomahawk Ties

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I’m a mark for baseball trades of any kind. I like watching players take the field in a new uniform and and in new surroundings. But one thing that kills me as a card collector is owning an autograph of a player in their OLD uniform. Enter the trio of Jeff Francoeur, Ryan Church and now Nate McLouth — three guys who have ties to the Red Hot Atlanta Braves.


I pulled the Frenchy auto from 2008 Allen & Ginter, the Church from 2009 Allen & Ginter, and just a few days ago I nabbed this Nate McLouth card from 2009 UD Goodwin Champions. When Frenchy and Church were traded for each other, I intended to post something but was really on a hiatus. But when I got the McLouth last week, there was no way that I could NOT write something about this weird cardboard trio.

We’ve got current Met Francoeur shown as a Brave, and then current Braves outfielders Church and McLouth shown in their former uniforms, the Mets and Pirates.

I’ve discussed before how trades can affect cards in a positive fashion, but without a doubt I can honestly say that the trades hurt the value of the cards shown here. Unless I find a hardcore Braves team collector — or three separate collectors looking for these cards — I will have a tough time trying to move these.

On a positive note, at least I am writing about autographs and not game-used cards. Those would be damn near impossible to unload at any price.

2009 Upper Deck baseball photos gone wrong

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2009UDJoseReyesWhen 2009 Upper Deck hit the market earlier this year, collectors across the country lauded the company’s great design and spectacular photography. Well, last night I came across two really poor photo choices for two HUGE baseball stars. The first is Jose Reyes. Look at this picture. Unless I am mistaken — or Jose Reyes is a magician — this speedster with a cannon for arm is about to drop this infield pop-up. Is that really the image you want plastered on your baseball card?

UPDATE: Using my sleuthing skills, I was able to discern that the Reyes image MUST have been shot on May 11, 2008, Mother’s Day — the day Major League Baseball allowed players to use pink bats and wear the same color wristbands in an effort to bring awareness to breast cancer. The box score from that game indicates that no errors were committed. We all knew Reyes was a thief, but I guess also must be a magician.


The second image depicts Braves stud and future hall of famer Chipper Jones. Upon first glance, this card seems all good — Chipper swinging one-handed, probably jerking a pitch into right field for a base hit. But if that is the case, then what the hell is going on in the bottom right corner. See that cloud of dirt? Unless someone can persuade me otherwise, I’m going to insist that the cloud of dirt is being created by a ball in the dirt at which Chipper is swinging and missing. I looked at Chipper’s face for evidence of what might be happening here, but Chipper must be a hell of a poker player because I really can’t tell.

The Opening Day Blog is Back!

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After thinking about things for a few days, I’ve decided to attempt the third annual Live Opening Day blog. As best as possible, I’ll be blogging about the happenings of the first full day of the 2009 season, from the first pitch of the first game to the last one of the latest game. If you’re unfamiliar with the Opening Day blog, check out seasons past here (2008) and here (2007). I write these things for, and this year I will do so again. I tend to write frequently, often times about whatever is on my mind. If you’re stuck at work on Monday — the REAL Opening Day — and need updates, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Got questions? Just leave a comment and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

As it is right now, I’m sitting here watching the Braves and Phillies Opening NIGHT game on ESPN and being a Brett Myers fantasy owner, I’m pissed. I’m even more perplexed by the fact that Myers is reluctant to throw his damn fastball, which sets everything else up. You know things are not going you way when Brian McCann takes you into the second deck, Jeff Francoeur lights you up and skinny-as-a-toothpick Jordan Schafer goes deep in his first Major League at-bat.

A couple things of interest:

* Did the Phillies add gold trim to their jersey patches? It looks almost Rainbow Bright-ish

*With Ryan Howard’s monster spring, where can his 2003 Bowman’s Best rookie go in terms of demand. Remember when those things wre SELLING for $600? I still feel like the $150 I paid for mine was a bargain … I guess.

*This is the most ESPN I’ve watched since 2008. Thanks to the MLB Network (MLBN) I’ve not had to change the channel for anything but a few World Baseball Classic games and this Opening Night beatdown by the Braves. (Note: Just as I wrote that sentence, Yunel Escobar launched a double that should have been a home run.)

*Poor White Sox and Royals fans. I can’t imagine what it’s like to wait all winter and spring for Opening Day and then have to wait an extra day. In case you msised it, the Royals-White Sox game scheduled for Monday has been postponed due to rain. They’ve rescheduled for Tuesday. Ugh.