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Card of the Day: 1999 UD MVP Super Tools Barry Bonds

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1999udmvpsupertoolsbarrybondsA few weeks back I purchased a lot of 40 cards — mainly rookies — for like $15. Among the non-rookies was this 1999 UD MVP Super Tools Barry Bonds insert. I’ve owned a copy of this card since 1999 — believe it or not, I actually used to like MVP — but it was not until THIS copy arrived in late March 2009 that I interpreted the name of the insert set as an editorial statement about Bonds character. Some would indeed consider Bonds to be a Super Tool.

Card of the Day: 1987 Fleer Barry Bonds rookie

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uu87fleerbondsbgs85So yesterday as I awoke from an early evening nap, I happened upon a golden nugget from Yahoo Sports — a story about Barry Bonds and the legality of HGH, and the classifications of the Cream and the Clear as NOT being steroids at the time they apparently were used by Bonds.

I could not do the story justice if I were to recap its substance in just a few words here. And honestly, you’re better off reading the real reporter’s story — he’s the guy who put in the hard work; I’m just a guy with a blog.

But what I’m wondering is if this story could change the way people thing about the All-Time Home Run King, and what this could mean for Bonds in our hobby. Continue reading