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Thrift Treasures Part VI: Yes We Can!

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2008toppscampaignbarackobamaI had a dream. I had a dream that one day I would walk into a thrift store and find cards so cheaply priced that I would have no choice but to buy them. There would be commons and stars, but they would be mine. Oh yes, they would be mine. I had a dream.

OK, that’s a pathetic attempt at sounding something like Martin Luther King Jr. Hey, forgive me. It’s Black History Month and much of the nation is still in a state of euphoria after electing and swearing in its first Black president. Stay with me, I swear this has something to do with baseball cards.

I returned to work last week after having five weeks off to bond with my newborn daughter and one of the things I like to do during my lunch break or on my way home is to hit up the good ol’ thrift stores. Well, on Monday I not only found cards, but a Cards jersey. Continue reading

Obama & Jackie Robinson 1/1 auto on eBay raises questions

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So I peeked at the Beckett Blog today — I do this a few times a week — and noticed that Chris posted a LINK to the 2008 Topps American Heritage Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson 1/1 cut auto that is on eBay. The card is at $3,000 with 15 bids as of Monday morning. But as I looked at the auction, something really pissed me off about this card. If you’ve yet to do so, go read the auction description. The seller notes that the card was yanked off eBay in January so that Topps could switch out the Obama autograph with one CERTIFIED BY PSA. Compare the first auction with the second, the Obama autos are different, although both could be — and likely are — real. Does this strike anyone else as despicable. I mean I guess we should be thrilled that Topps wanted to make sure that the future owner of the card got a real Obama autograph. But I find this act troubling because if there was any question as to the authenticity of the first Obama autograph, then that 1/1 should have never even been placed into the packs. Kudos to Topps for the secondary move, but truthfully it should have never gotten to that point.

Card of the Day: 2008 Topps Campaign Barack Obama

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obamaIn just a few hours, this card could become the hottest collectible on the market. Then again in a few hours it could become nothing more than an after thought. And of course there is always the possibility that no one will pay attention to this card at all. Who really knows. Continue reading