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Pacquiao’s Topps Allen & Ginter cards packing a hell of a punch

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It’s funny what joy an itsy bitsy piece of cardboard can bring to a grown man.

For more than a year I’ve been asking that someone, anyone create a Manny Pacquiao baseball card.  And finally, my wishes have been answered.

In March of 2010 I wrote this piece, practically begging Topps to include the Fighting Pride of the Phillippines in one of their sets.  AND FINALLY they’ve listened.  I hate to say I told you so but … oh who am I kidding?  We ALL knew that Pacquiao’s cards would pack a hell of a punch.

I am just glad that Topps wised up to the idea and got a deal done with Pacquiao to get his likeness into this annual set of sports champions.

The basic cards have been selling for $2-$5 on eBay, basic Minis have been grabbing $3-$8 and parallels of the minis usually fetch a few dollars more. And that’s on eBay.

I’m sure the cards will fetch a premium in the Phillippines, and other areas of the United States where Filipinos tend to congregate … like here in the Bay Area.

Daily City.  Milpitas. South San Francisco. Union City.  You know what the hell I am talking about.

But you wanna know where the gold is?  It’s in Pacquiao’s  signature.  His autographed card is selling for $750 to $1,000.  That’s about three times as much as I thought the cards would average.  For some reason, I do not think those prices will come down much, if at all.

Card of the Day: 1989 Mother’s Cookies Mark McGwire

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So I just learned that Mother’s Cookies, the junk food company that brought us the delicious Circus Animal frosted cookie, has closed it’s doors. This news officially ends any possibility of the return of Mother’s Cookies baseball cards, which were a staple in my collection during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The company has not inserted cards into its products in more than a decade, but when it did, the cards were glorious additions to a product already worth buying. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1989 Upper Deck Mark McGwire

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In 1989, Upper Deck released the first pack-issued ultra premium baseball cards. These cards were different than their cardboard counterparts. The surface was smoother, the stock was brighter and seemingly stiffer, and on the back was an embedded anti-counterfeit device, the almighty hologram. Even the packs were different. No more wax. Now we were going to rip open “foil” packs, which further solidified this brand as the product to have. And while the best card in this set has, and always will be, card No. 1 (Ken Griffey Jr.), it is this Mark McGwire card that caprured my attention as a youth. Continue reading