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In Memoriam: Bill Buckner (Dec. 14, 1949 – May 27, 2019)

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1970 Topps Rookie Card

Horrible Card of the Dat Part VI: 1990 Upper Deck Bill Buckner

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Infamous for the ball through the legs in the 1986 World Series, Bill Buckner need not have another reminder of the play.  Alas, just four years after that cringing moment, Upper Deck created this card which subtly reminds everyone that this everyday solid player made a giant goof on the game’s biggest stage.

There had to be dozens, if not hundreds, of photos of Buckner, yet Upper Deck chose the photographer’s photo that depicts a giant tarp tube in the background.  Surely the photographer knew he had something when he peered through his view finder and saw that the hollow portion of the tube was placed so perfectly between Buckner’s legs that it made it look like the black pit in which a ball would disappear forever.

While I think the photo in and of itself it pretty amusing.  Shame on Upper Deck for choosing THIS image.

Ugh … this card is just horrible.

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Card of the Day: 1986 Topps Bill Buckner

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1986ToppsBillBucknerThis card is beyond words. There’s no action shown here, but the expression on Bill Buckner’s face speaks a thousands words. It almost like the baseball gods are talking to him, saying that he will have 2,700 career hits and bat nearly .300, but he will forever be remembered for a defensive play that will take place in the very near future. The result of this discussion: This look on Bill’s face, followed by an uncertain muttering of “Wha- What- What?”