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Serial numbers matter … sometimes.

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As a player collector there comes a time when you ask yourself: How much is that serial number on that insert or parallel worth? More specifically, how much of a premium do you place on a serial number that matches the player’s jersey number.

Personally, it matters to me … but only to a point. I won’t pay a significant premium for such things, but I will pay more than ai would for every other serial number.

And it’s really an inconsistent thing, truthfully. Like for inserts or parallels that I really enjoy, I’ll definitely pay a bigger premium. But for sets like Topps Moments and Milestones, I may not even care.

The topic came to kind again today as I received my latest Roger Clemens serial numbered parallel : a 2007 Bowman Heritage Black Border serial numbered 22/52.

Clemens is a tricky one, he wore three jersey numbers over the course of his career. He wore 21 with the Red Sox and Blue Jays, and then initially 12 with the Yankees, before moving to 22, which he wore in For the remainder of his New York career and his time in Houston.

Card of the Day: 1991 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan / Rickey Henderson SP

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There are so many things to love about Upper Deck of the early 90s. The company invigorated the hobby with a new type of product that appealed to more than just your average kid saving his lunch money. UD was the first to insert autographs into packs, the first to use holograms, and the first to introduce the seeded special cards that we’ve come to know as SP.

The initials SP could mean many things, and to this day I am still unsure if Upper Deck meant for it to mean special or short printed, such as the letters are used in Beckett. Regardless of what they mean, they were affixed to certain cards that hobbyists chased with their hard-earned dollars. Continue reading