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Video Breaks: 2x Discount 2012 Bowman Chrome Blasters; 1x 2013 Topps Heritage Blaster

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Enjoy; watch them in order.

Jon Garland was a different kind of ‘gamer’ on his rookie card

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2012 ALCS MVP Bowman Chrome Auto Refractor Rookie for $12?

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Rookie Card Showcase: 1999 Bowman Chrome Adam Dunn

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There are some cards you’ve always wanted to own, and for one reason or another, it takes several years to obtain them.

One example for me is this 1999 Bowman Chrome Adam Dunn rookie card.

Bowman Chrome was a huge success in 1999.  The two-series set featured dozens of rookie cards that were a huge deal at the time.  Arguably, none of them was bigger than Dunn’s.

Dunn has always been seen as a major power threat.  And now some 14 years after his first appearance on cardboard, Dunn is primed to eclipse the 40-homer mark again, and recently slugged his 400th career homer.

When he was considered a prospect, Dunn’s Chrome card was a routine seller in the neighborhood of $10-$12, with outliers of $15-$20 for this basic card.

What about these days?

You should be able to snag these for less than $5.

I got mine for mere pennies thanks to a lot of 20 cards I recently purchased on eBay for $1.98 from a seller in Canada.  The kicker?  The seller offered free shipping.

Rookie Card Showcase: 2005 Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto Matt Kemp /500

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It’s all about timing.

In April and May, finding this card on eBay at a relatively decent price was damn near impossible.  In fact, a good comparison right now is the Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome autograph and all of its variations.

Fast forward three months, after Kemp spent time on the Disabled List and interest in his cards receded, and suddenly Kemp autos can be found at reasonable levels.

I grabbed this off eBay a few weeks back for less than the price his basic Bowman Chrome auto was selling for earlier this year.

And what makes this sweeter, interest in this card is likely to pick up again with the Dodgers making big-name acquisitions in an attempt to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

The result of the roster moves not only gives the Dodgers a more potent lineup, but give Kemp lineup protection like he has never seen.

Instagram Portrait: 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Matt Cain rookie w/ SF Chronicle from Perfect Game

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Chrome Corner: 2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects Autographs Madison Bumgarner

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In the last edition of Chrome Corner, I featured a Jarrod Parker card from the 2008 Bowman Chrome set.  Well, in this edition I bring to you the 2008 Bowman Chrome Madison Bumgarner autograph from the same set.

Bumgarner and Parker have a few things in common:

– They both were first featured in the 2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects set as non-auto-graphed cards.

– Both obviously have their first on-card certified autograph in this 2008 set.

– Both now pitch for teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Parker for the Oakland A’s and Bumgarner for the San Francisco Giants.

But here is the reason why I decided to feature Bumgarner in this edition.

Bumgarner was also selected in the first round of the 2007 baseball draft.  In fact, he and Parker were the first two high school pitchers to be selected in that hurler heavy first round.  And to makes things even more interesting:  Bumgarner was selected right after Parker.

Parker might have had the higher draft slot, but to this date, Bumgarner’s on-field accomplishments are incomparable.

In fact, while Parker was recovering from Tommy John surgery in 2010, Bumgarner was earning his stripes in a legendary Giants Pennant race that ultimately ended with Bumgarner and the Giants winning the World Series.  Bumgarner won a pivotal Game 4 of the World Series by tossing 8 innings of shutout ball in Texas to give the Giants a 3-1 Series lead.