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Serial numbers matter … sometimes.

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As a player collector there comes a time when you ask yourself: How much is that serial number on that insert or parallel worth? More specifically, how much of a premium do you place on a serial number that matches the player’s jersey number.

Personally, it matters to me … but only to a point. I won’t pay a significant premium for such things, but I will pay more than ai would for every other serial number.

And it’s really an inconsistent thing, truthfully. Like for inserts or parallels that I really enjoy, I’ll definitely pay a bigger premium. But for sets like Topps Moments and Milestones, I may not even care.

The topic came to kind again today as I received my latest Roger Clemens serial numbered parallel : a 2007 Bowman Heritage Black Border serial numbered 22/52.

Clemens is a tricky one, he wore three jersey numbers over the course of his career. He wore 21 with the Red Sox and Blue Jays, and then initially 12 with the Yankees, before moving to 22, which he wore in For the remainder of his New York career and his time in Houston.

Being unorganized leads to two cool autograph finds

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I suppose this post will say a lot about my collection. In a dream world, I would have every card in order, separated by year, set and card number; or by player and year. But, I don’t live in a dream world. My reality is a bit of a mess. I have stacks of cards near my computer, boxes of cards in the garage, and packs in my car. And if you look really hard you’ll find a single or two in odd places, like behind a picture frame in the living room. I’m sure my wife loves this. Actually she hates it.

But the messiness has paid off, sort of. While sifting through my stuff I came across two autograph cards I either forgot I had or didn’t even know I owned. The cards being a 2006 Topps 52 Rookies Kendry Morales and a 2007 Bowman Heritage Scott Sizemore.

I remember getting the Morales from a repack package sold at Target for $10, the ones where you get two packs and a guaranteed autograph. Morales was my signature, and the packs (two 2006 Topps Update and Highlights) held a rare, but not really valuable, Rookie Debut signature of Adam Loewen. I recently sold the Loewen for $10 despite the astronomical odds (1:15,000-plus packs) at which it was inserted.

And the Sizemore I believe came in a lot of 10 Bowman Heritage signatures I paid $10 for about two years ago. All of the signatures were commons at the time, but looking back the lot contains the pictured Scott Sizemore — which has gained momentum recently with his prospect of being the Tigers starting second baseman; selling for $15-plus — and Pirates pseudo slugger Steven Pearce.

Rookie Card Showcase: 2004 Bowman Heritage Huston Street

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You can hate me now ...

You can hate me now ...

This freakin’ guy. For his first couple of seasons in Oakland, Huston Street was awesome. Then he hit a bump in the road, was ousted from his role as closer and was included in the deal with Colorado for Matt Holliday. Then in recent days we saw exactly why Oakland had ZERO qualms about trading this guy. Dude failed to nail down saves in back to back games in the NLDS. Had he completed his job, the Rockies would be facing the Dodgers on Thursday. Instead we’ve got Ryan Howard looking like a beast and the Phillies one step closer to defending their title.

Being a San Francisco Bay Area resident, I had to chance to see Street pitch a lot in person and on television. Each time he came into the game he had this Nas song playing. Kind of appropriate that the words say “You can hate me now.” I think Huston needs to clear his friggin’ head and ditch the music. I’m sure Rockies fans really do hate you right now.

This is the part seven of an ongoing series. To see other parts in this series, click here.

Is 2006 Bowman Heritage Underrated?

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2006BowmanHeritageThe 2006 Rookie Card Crop is perhaps one of the best in recent memory. We had Evan Longoria, Justin Upton, Clayton Kershaw, Alex Gordon, Cameron Maybin and Jon Lester, just to name a few. But in most of these cases, it seems the only way to get each player’s first MLB card is to bust a bunch of Chrome-laden product or shell out good money to buy the Chrome single. Of course, that’s if you’re looking for the high-dollar rookie card of each player.

Over the last three years it seems as if the hobby has forgotten about another product from that year that featured almost all of the aforementioned players and more — 2006 Bowman Heritage.

Now I have no real stock in this product other than what you see above and a few other low-priced cards from the set. But the fact that there are cheap versions of each player’s first MLB card in this set makes it interesting to me. Don’t get me wrong, no one is going to mistake either the above Justin Upton or Evan Longoria for being worth more than $5 or so. But for collectors on a budget — ones who cannot justify spending $250 for a Longoria Bowman Chrome Draft autograph — this Bowman Heritage set offers a nice alternative.

In addition to the base cards, there are also prospect autographs seeded within the packs. That insert set is headlined by ON-CARD autos of Alex Gordon, Cameron Maybin and Justin Upton.

This product was almost instantly shunned by the Hobby upon release due to the asinine “parallels” that are damn-near indistinguishable from the base cards. Supposedly there are “white” versions of each base card, but unless you’re going to spend several minutes pouring over two versions of the same card, they are almost impossible to differentiate.

Nonetheless, the result is a product that has largely been forgotten. This has afforded budget collectors an opportunity to snag some rookie-year cards of some excellent rising stars.