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Decision 2009: Three Topps Gallery Boxes

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OK, so the other day I wrote about scoring a deal on three factory sealed hobby boxes of Topps Gallery for about $60, or about $20 per box. And in my post I posed the question to the readers: What would you do with the 2002 and 2003 boxes. I want to say I am shocked, but I guess I really am not. After a whopping 14 votes — hey, that’s a lot for this little blog — 12 readers decided it’s best for me to open all three boxes instead of selling two of them to recoup the costs.

Well, given that my wife got a new car yesterday, and I received two awesome packages that I already wrote about today, I think luck is on my side. Translation: I’m going to rip all three boxes!

I’ll start with the 2002 box, then go with the 2003 box and then rip my favorite, the 2003 Hall of Fame Edition.

Oh by the way …

This will be


live break!

The festivities will begin momentarily. (in a separate post)

Box Break: 2008 UD Sweet Spot Retail Tin

Posted in Box / Pack Break with tags , , , , , , on December 10, 2008 by Cardboard Icons

sweetspottinI heard these hit the market last week, so when I stumbled upon a tin tonight at Target, I decided to take a shot. It was packaged so nicely that I honestly felt like I was buying a high-end product at a retail price. Was I right? Look at the contents and you tell me … Continue reading

Blaster Break: 2008 UD Timeline

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griffeytlAfter buying three lose packs of this line on Friday, I admittedly was curious what else I could pull. I read somewhere that there are autographs in here, and then when I looked at this blaster today, it offered the same thing. So I decided to try one just for kicks, especially since the box offered 9 packs for just $15. Continue reading

Blaster Break: 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights

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griffeysoxAs noted earlier, I decided against better judgment and purchased a Target Blaster of 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights to start my set. Here are the results pack by pack. And you know this kind of stuff is riveting, especially when you have ZERO shot at pulling anything worth a damn. So, there is a CONTEST at the end of this entry. Read on … Continue reading

Blaster Alert: 08 Topps U&H SUCKS!

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Here’s a quick collecting tip: Avoid all 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights at Target stores. I ran into a couple blasters today and figured I’d pick one up so I can begin my set. It appears that there are NO AUTOGRAPHS available in these blasters. Continue reading