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Brett Favre Used to be a Bad-Ass

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1991UDBrettFavreChecklist2Before Brett Favre became Brett Favre he was a weight room bad-ass, the leader of a crew of New Kids on the Block in Atlanta who was supposed to bring the Falcons back from the dead. OK, maybe I’m reading a bit too much into this image.

I don’t deal at all in football cards these days, but every once in a while I find a straggler while sorting my baseball cards. The one I found today: this 1991 Upper Deck Rookie Checklist featuring Bad-Ass Brett Favre and his Posse — Moe Gardner, Erric Pegram, Bruce Pickens and Mike Pritchard.

There’s not much to say about the card, it’s pretty much worthless, even if it is a Rookie-year issue of Brett Favre. I just love the fact that before all of these Wrangler Jeans commercials and non-retirement retirement press conferences there once was a guy from the south who wore his hat backward and sported Nike flat-footed Astroturf cleats. Word.


Random Rookie Recap: 1975 Topps George Brett

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1975toppsgeorgebrettDon’t ask. I wish I could tell you what happened to this card, but I can’t — it was like this when I obtained it a few weeks ago for about $5. This is the definition of a filler, a card in such a condition that its sole purpose is a place holder in a collection to be upgraded at some point in the future.

I’ve got some big name rookies in my randomrookierecapcollection, but one that always eluded me for some reason was Brett. Maybe it’s because he’s got a huge following and it’s tough to find a bargain on his rookie. Maybe it’s because I’m too cheap to spend $20-30 on a decent-looking copy; the cards book at $80. Nonetheless, I decided to pounce on this nasty copy; I figured at least I could have one in my collection until I had a change of heart. Continue reading