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Thrift Treasures 110: SI For Kids … For Me. 

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Sometimes when I donate cards to my local thrift stores, I like to go back a week later to see what they’ve priced them at.  Usually they grab a handful, stick then in a bag and then put a $3-$5 price tag on it.

And every now and again when I’m looking at these bag, often Filled with cars I owned, I come across ones that weren’t donated by me.

A few days ago I found one with a stack of Sports Illustrated For Kids cards. I buy these if I see a name that sticks out to me. In this case, I could see the name of Bryce Harper.  I figured I’d buy it as I didn’t own the 2012 SI For Kids card.

The Harper was the highlight of the bag, but there also was a cool card of women’s soccer player Alex Morgan. In all there were more than 20 of the SI For Kids cards. 

The find isn’t of any great value but still a neat little haul for the price of a retail pack. 

Total cost of this Thrift Treasure: $2.99.

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Seeking your base cards … 

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 photo ADA22593-0DB9-4DC2-B21F-46A7EE591E49_zps1exovixc.jpg
So I’m gonna throw this out there. I want your base cards. 

Well, some of them anyway.

I’m tired of looking at some of the stuff I have. And some of you might be in the same boat.  I haven’t been huge on trading in recent years because it takes a lot of effort and a level of organization that sometimes is beyond my control. Also, it’s hard to find trading partners who aren’t just looking to bolster their collection of high-end stuff while giving up nothing. 

So here’s what I want. I want your base cards of Madison Bumgarner, Clayton Kershaw, Buster Posey, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.

Singles, duplicates, triplicates, whatever.  The catch is I want lots of at least 20 — and I need to know what you want in return. 

No, I will not trade autos or game used cards for them.

No, I will not buy them.

No, you’re not getting vintage in return.

No, I do not have a trade list.

I’m lookin to swap base cards of your guys or your team for cards of these guys.

Good old fashioned low-end trading.

Interested? Hit me on Twitter @cardboardicons or via e-mail:


2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Box Break (Bat Barrel pulled)

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Decided to go high-end today and bust a box of 2014 Topps Museum Collection. Pulled a sweet 1/1 Joey Votto Bat Name Plate card. Here’s the pack-by-pack breakdown. Four packs, 5 cards in each.

Pack 1


Pack 2


Pack 3


Pack 4


Here are the overall odds:



Video Breaks: 2x Discount 2012 Bowman Chrome Blasters; 1x 2013 Topps Heritage Blaster

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Enjoy; watch them in order.

Two 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster Break (Video)

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Blaster #1

Blaster #2

Bowman Ice, Ice, Baby!

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So, this is what a 1993 Donruss Elite Series insert and a 1998 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractor parallel looks like when they get together and make cardboard babies.

Aren’t they stunning?

The 2012 Bowman set has been out for almost two weeks and these Ice parallel cards have not been lost on me.  Hell, they might be my favorite cards of the last five years.

Parallel cards are not often lauded among collectors, partly because they are usually just slight variations of the base card.  These, however, have a nice high-end feel to them without a gaudy price tag.

If these Ice cards were an automobile they’d be a Lexus.

And I applaud Topps for not making them too easy to pull.  The Silver Ice cards are seeded 1 in every 24 packs, so there is a less-likely chance that they will be subject to overkill like the 2011 Diamond Anniversary parallels.

Anyway, over the last two weeks I’ve had some pretty good luck and have unearthed 8 of these gems. Have a look at the ones I’ve pulled:

2012 Bowman Silver Ice Anibal Sanchez #30

2012 Bowman Silver Ice Taylor Green RC #199

2012 Bowman Silver Ice Nick Swisher #2

2012 Bowman Silver Ice Ichiro #176

2012 Bowman Silver Ice Jarrod Parker RC #213

2012 Bowman Prospects Silver ice Andrew Susac #BP97

2012 Bowman Prospects Silver Ice Bryce Harper #BP10

2012 Bowman Red Ice Eric Surkamp RC #208 /25

Thrift Treasures XLV: 2012 San Francisco Tri-Star Show Haul 2/3

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In case you missed it, late last night I posted the first part of this mini series unveiling the loot I obtained at this year’s Tri-Star show in San Francisco. You can see it here.

Now that’s you’re all caught up, are you ready for some more?!

Let’s do this.

This is Part Two of Three:

Transaction #1

2011 Topps Debut Bryce Harper

Has Bryce Harper really fallen this far?

I mean there was a time that anything with his name or face would sell for $5, $10 or $15.

This 2011 Topps Debut card … cost me $1.  A buck?!  What the ……

You get the point.

Actually, the seller who had this card was a classic rip-for-hits only kind of guy — his showcase was full of gaudy card bling with high price tags.  And off to the right was a box full of sloppy seconds.

Um, thanks guy.


Transaction #2

So in my first post, I showcased like 70 cards all from one dealer.  It was awesome.  He had a friend there with him who also had 5,000 count monster boxes packed to the gills with stuff.  Only he was selling 5 cards for a dollar … and his stuff sucked. I spent a buck on 5 random refractors. Meh …


Transaction #3

Every year when I hit this show, there is one guy who always has a crap load of bargain kind of stuff.  He has jerseys, patches, autographs all priced $2-$10, good deal i you’re into that kind of thing.  This time he had that stuff … and boxes full of “junk.”  These were a quarter each.

2011 Bowman Chrome Best Refractor Josh Sale / 99

2011 Finest Refractor Starlin Castro /549

2009 Bowman Chrome World Baseball Classic Refractor Brad Harman /500

2011 Topps Tier One Justin Verlander ... check out the serial number 799/799. Awesome.

2009 Bowman Chrome World Baseball Classic Refractors Norichika Aoki /500

2011 Bowman Chrome Throwbacks 2001 Bowman Chrome English/Japanese Ichiro rookie reprints

5 2011 Bowman Chrome Throwbacks Albert Pujols 2001 Bowman Chrome rookie reprints


Transaction #4

I smell weed.

Seriously … I think the guy from whom I purchased these next cards was smoking dope before I completed this transaction. He wasn’t there when I started digging through his stash, then he popped out of no where and said “The more you buy, the more you save.”  As he walked past, I smelled weed. Glad he was high … because his prices were low.

1999 Topps Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa HR Record subsets.

I stockpiled on these last year, and this year was no different.  No-brainer at 50 cents each.

From two tainted sluggers to another …

1987 Classic Update Yellow Front / Green Back Barry Bonds.

And a woulda-been, coulda-been slugger whose more legend than anything …

1987 Classic Update Yellow Front / Green Back Bo Jackson

These two might be way off center, but I love the Classic card game sets.  Especially these rarer versions.  These are supposedly limited to 50,000 sets according to Beckett. Fitty cent each, son!

Who likes rookie refractors?


2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors Mike Trout

The seller looked at me and asked what I like.  I told him baseball.  He said he had a stack of refractors that I could go through before anyone else.  He said he usually throws them out on the table for a buck each … but for me — two quarters each would suffice.


And now his more “pricey” cards.  These were $1 each.

2011 Topps Johnny Bench SP

1994 Donruss Elite Series John Kruk /10,000

Funny side note, when I went to pay the guy he could only count $6 in cards, yet I gave him $7.  He was confused.  Then I explained to him that one of the penny sleeves had multiple cards inside.

He was pleasantly surprised by my honesty.

That’s how I roll son.

Don’t steal from card dealers.



Transaction #5

Just as the show was closing for the night, I made a stop at a table that had some crazy auto refractors, all graded BGS 9.5  Off to the side of the case, the seller had a box labeled “50 % off marked price.” I dug through it and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this …

2011 Topps Heritage Black Refractor Roy Halladay #'d/ 62


I’m pretty sure this dealer thought this was a black border basic 2011 Topps Heritage Roy Halladay card.  But it wasn’t.  It’s a Topps Heritage Chrome Black Refractor Roy Halladay serial numbered #’d/62.

And he had it priced at $5

And it was 50 %off.

And when I handed the guy a $5 bill, he went scrambling for change.  He had none.  So he gave the card to me for $2.

That’s a perfect transaction.

Told ya … Karma


Transaction #6

We’ll close the second part of this mini Thrift Treasures series with a familiar name and some ink.

These were all $3 each … I swear.

2 2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper BCP1

The amusing thing about the Harper Chromes is that they were sitting in plain view on the table.  I even double checked with the guy how much.  At EVERY other table in the place, these Harpers were priced between $12 and $20.  Um, win!

2001 Topps Archives Rookie Reprint auto Bill Freehan

I get that some people don’t know who Bill Freehan is. But seriously!  Even before I saw this eBay post, I knew I had it good.

And finally …

Oh, look, it’s another common from a useless Topps reproduction product.

Um, no!

That’s another 2001 Topps Archives rookie reprint autograph, and this guy is not even alive anymore.

No disrespect to the dead, but when sports stars die, their autographs skyrocket and then plateau.  In most cases, they wind up being worth more after death than they were before.

Bobby Murcer passed away in 2008.

In 2008, before he died, THIS card held a Book Value of $60.

Now go look for one on eBay.  I only found ONE.

Gem Mint or not, this card shouldn’t be sitting in a junk auto/relic pile!

Total cost of these Treasures: $27

OK, had enough?

Didn’t think so.

Stay Tuned for the conclusion of this special three-part series documenting my hauls from the 2012 San Francisco Tri-Star card show.

Part One // Part Two // Part Three