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More discount Allen & Ginter

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2008AGMiniBlackburn2I’ve been working feverishly to catalog my collection so that trading can run more smoothly. Thus far I’m about 550 cards in, and I’ve not really scratched the surface. Anyway, that’s part of the explanation for my lack of posts lately. If you care to see the trade list, check out it out here. (<- link) I’ll eventually be using this Excel spreadsheet via Google Docs instead of a separate page on this blog. Most of the stuff listed there are inserts from the 90s through today. As I said, I’ve got a ton more to add, so stay tuned as I will update you every time I add another 100 cards or so.

So yeah, as the title of this piece suggests, I found some more discount Allen & Ginter at Target. These are 2008 packs that were marked down to $1.59 each and placed in the “Power Pack” boxes. I found 11 packs which means … DING DING DING … some searcher got to these early and removed one of the packs. Typically Target’s distributor delivers one or two Power Pack discount boxes per shipment. In each one are six packs of any given brand. In short, there should have been a total of 12 Allen & Ginter packs because this Target received a double shipment of discount packs.

I’ll say upfront that these packs reveal why pack searching these days is almost a waste of time. I’m sure the guy who got to these early is plenty happy with his Jeff Francoeur jersey cards; but I pulled something that not even the most savvy pack searcher could have found without opening the pack. Can you say Bazooka back!? Keep reading for the break … Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Joey Chestnut

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When it comes to sports cards, I’m pretty much a straight baseball guy. I’ve collected all sports in the past, and what I found is that I was just buying them for the sake of buying new cards. So for about three years now I have been baseball exclusive. But there is one baseball product on the market right now that makes it damn near impossible not to pull a card of another sport — Topps Allen & Ginter. This is a baseball product, make no mistake about it. But within the base set and inserts, there are cards featuring all sorts of things, such as Big Foot the monster truck, and people, like Joey Chestnut.

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