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New COMC batch priced and ready to sell

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In my quest to continue downsizing my collection and tailoring it to what I really want, I have sent more cards to CheckOutMyCards.

My latest batch is 500 cards and was uploaded over the weekend.  The cards have been priced and are available for your viewing/purchasing pleasure.

A good number of the cards are relics, ones that I once cared about but no longer do.

Don’t like my prices? Feel free to shoot me an offer.

CheckoutMYcards HERE.

Bargain Blaster: 2007 Ultra Baseball

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packsIn these times of economic uncertainty, a card collector has to find his kicks any way possible. For some of us, that means bargains, not high-dollar gambles. It’s not often that you find bargains at Big Box stores, but recently there have been a few older Blasters that have returned to shelves with nice 50 percent off stickers on them. I uncovered this week at Wal-Mart a small blaster of 2007 Ultra, a product I originally neglected. This blaster contained six packs for a whole $4.97. Sure as heck beats two packs of search 2009 Upper Deck. Results of the break inside. Continue reading

Thrift Treasures Part VII: Bo Knows Baseball Cards

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111_1375I love baseball cards. The first thing I look for whenever I go into a thrift store or visit a flea market is a dingy little box that may contain cards. Sometimes they are the two-row “shoebox” version, other times they are the typical boxes that people use to store their complete sets. And sometimes they are random boxes that once held big blocks of cheese or candles. Truthfully, these are the best.

I hit two thrift stores this week and for less than $10 — or about the price of three searched 2009 Upper Deck retail packs — I walked away with two boxes of cards (about 1,500 total) and a unique Bo Jackson advertisement piece that HAD to come home with me. The Jackson piece, which I’ll write about first, cost a whopping 49 cents!

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Card of the Day: 2003 Fleer Flair Greats “Cut of History” Cal Ripken Jr. game-used pants

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ripkenSo Monday night I was making my blog rounds and found a post by Greg at Night Owl Cards (probably my second-favorite blog)  in which he was thanking me for some Dodger cards I sent him. In the post, he made mention to something that made me laugh, and no doubt would have made me spit up my coffee had I been drinking some at the moment.

Finally, I received a nice jersey card of Eric Karros (2002 UD Diamond Collection). Very nice, very generous, even if these cards are everywhere these days. I still rather like them, even if it’s just fabric. (Just no pants cards, please. Those creep me out).

And thus my topic for today’s special card was born. Today I present one of the weirdest — and nastiest — cards I own: 2003 Flair Greats “Cut of History” Cal Ripken Jr. game-worn pants card.

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Card of the Day: 2007 UD Masterpieces Lou Gehrig

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**Note: With the All-Star game taking place this week at Yankee Stadium, I will spend the next several days showcasing cards from my Yankee collection.

Is there a more sympathetic scene in baseball history than that of Lou Gehrig standing in Yankee Stadium on July 4, 1939, giving his farewell speech? “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.” The speech is nearly seven decades old now, and yet the aforementioned phrase remains one of most memorable ones in the history of the game, and likely the most famous words ever spoken at Yankee Stadium. After being stricken with ALS, Gehrig was forced from the game in early 1939 at age 36. Dubbed the Iron Horse because of his durability, Gehrig played 2,130 games straight and collected more than 2,700 hits in his 17 seasons in The Bigs. He wound up with a career batting average of .340, slugged 493 homers and drove in 1,995 runs. Oddly enough the number of RBIs Gehrig collected is identical to the year (1995) in which Cal Ripken Jr. would break Gehrig’s consecutive game streak. The 2007 UD Masterpieces Gehrig card pictured here is no where close to being Gehrig’s most valuable (this one is only $6), let alone the most valuable one in my collection. But during a week in which we as baseball fans honor Yankee Stadium and it’s legacy, there is no other Gehrig card — neither autograph, nor game-used — that better encompasses the memory of Gehrig at The Stadium. Continue reading