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Rookie Card Showcase: 1951 Bowman Nellie Fox

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This is part 16 of an ongoing series. To see the rest of this series, click here.

It takes a lot to make a vintage baseball card unappealing to me. Not even this Nellie Fox, displaying its 58 years of age with rounded corners and evidence of having been pasted to a sheet of paper, and possibly involved in a fire, could keep me away.

This card isn’t your prototypical personal collection card, but that’s OK — Fox wasn’t your prototypical Hall of Fame player. He was not an offensive powerhouse. His career batting average was only .288, and his CAREER home run total was less than the single season average for most of today’s sluggers. Fox was better known as a singles hitter, and a fine defensive player who garnered three Gold Gloves. He also has an MVP to his credit, and a World Series title, both of which he earned in 1959.

Fox was not elected into the Hall by the Baseball Writers of America, having missed in his final year of eligibility by one measly vote. Rather he was elected by the veteran’s committee in 1997, some 22 years after he died.

Random Rookie Recap: 1983 Fleer Ron Kittle

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1983fleerronkittlerandomrookierecapEvery once in a while a card comes along and makes me think. Sometimes the card is new and shiny and showing me how far baseball cards have come. Other times the card is old and dingy, reminding me of what used to be, both in the hobby and sport. The latter was the case Thursday when I uncovered this Ron Kittle rookie card in a box purchased at a thrift store. Truth be told, I’ve got a new Thrift Treasures post in the works regarding two boxes of cards (about 1,500 total) I got for a mere $9. But perhaps one of the most intriguing cards in the boxes was this 1983 Fleer Kittle rookie. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1997 Bowman Chrome Promo Sheet

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OK, so technically this is a promo sheet and not a card. Sue me. Mario over at Wax Heaven got me thinking the other day about the popularity of Bowman Chrome — a topic that I’m sure has been covered ad nauseum throughout the blogosphere — but I figured this would give me an opportunity to drag out the original promo sheet for the inaugural product and add my two cents. Continue reading