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Stupid Inserts Part V: 2000 Pacific Christmas Ornaments

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If ever there was a bigger design fail, I’d like to see it. The visual appeal of these Ornament cards are great; die-cut card stock, holofoil and holiday colors make up a background where upon a player’s image is set. But the 2000 renditions of this set, the first time Pacific did them, was an epic disaster because Pacific decided to include a piece of elastic string which ultimately left every single card with a crease right down the middle.

The string can be moved, but as you can see here, it really doesn’t make much of a difference. If you look at the card from the bottom, you can see how the card stock has conformed around the string.

In 2001 Pacific went back to the well again , and the result was a much better card; this time no string was attached and the hole was made as a pop out for optional usage.

A Christmas Story: An Intimidating autograph

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nascarautosIn all honesty, I meant to write this for Christmas morning seeing as how this is a holiday sports memorabilia related story. But I forgot and got caught up in the moment in another topic. So here it is, my “Intimidator” story … three days late. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2003 Topps Dusty Baker autograph*

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baker03tToday’s “Card of the Day” is brought to you straight from my mail box. On the day after Christmas, I received a PWE that initially pissed me off. At first I thought I’d been defrauded by another eBayer (it would have been the third this week to use an less-than-expected method of shipping). But instead it turned out that the envelope was one I had sent out way back in March to the Reds’ spring training facility. Continue reading

A Christmas Story: I miss the old days

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wildcardTimes were much simpler than these. Granted I am only 28, but even in my relative youth I do remember a time when I got everything I wanted for Christmas and it didn’t cost my parents or relatives an arm and a leg.

We wanted no cell phones, video game systems than can cost as much as car repairs, or a set of Legos as expensive as a monthly vehicle payment.

We wanted video games alright, but they cost a third of what the units go for today. And when I asked for a box of cards, it came with THIRTY SIX packs and cost about $40; not a container of 18 packs and a price tag of $75 or even more. Those were simple times for me, and I know there were even more simple times before then for my parents and grandparents when they were growing up. Continue reading

(UPDATED) Fifth Day of Christmas Brings Car Repairs

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**Problem has been identified. Read further to find out what it’s going to cost.

I saw a clever post on Cardboard Junkie’s blog yesterday, which I will admit was the inspiration for the title here. Thanks, Dave.

Anyhow, you read that right. On the morning of Dec. 20, a Saturday no less, instead of sleeping in with the wife, I drove to my local automotive repair shop (only about half a mile) and dropped off my car for repairs. Continue reading