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I’ll never learn: Rockies players are not good TTM signers

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When I send out Through The Mail autographs there is always something I keep forgetting — never send to a Colorado Rockies player.

It’s tough to remember this because there always seems to be some intriguing player whose autograph I’d love to add to my collection.

A few years ago I sent letters to Garrett Atkins, Matt Holiday and even then-manager Clint Hurdle. I never heard back from Holiday, but I did receive my cards back from Atkins and Hurdle with a little purple note suggesting that I join their charitable cause. The note also asked me to accept their pre-printed signature in lieu of an authentic one.

When am I going to learn? Earlier this week I received a familiar note from one Todd Helton to whom I either sent to in 2009 or earlier this year. I forget. Same thing … no autograph, some team-issued card and a pre-printed note.

But I do have other requests I sent to them that I still have not received back, namely hot up-and-comer Carlos Gonzalez.

So let this serve as a reminder to all of you the next time you sit down to prepare for TTMs … stay away from Rockies players. Unless, of course, you want the standard letter and team-issued card.

For the record, this Todd Helton is a 2006 Grandstand issue … it shows him WITHOUT his goatee. Awesome. I do appreciate the team-issued cards. They are pretty neat.

1993 Pinnacle Expansion Draft Cards Were Awesome

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Both of these teams have won or appeared in the World Series. Sorry Cubs fans, can;t say the same for your club.

Both of these teams have won or appeared in the World Series. Sorry Cubs fans, can't say the same for your club.

I was thumbing through some commons last night and came across these two 1993 Pinnacle cards of Walt Weiss and Dante Bichette, two of the first cards produced of the then-new Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins franchises. Aren’t these things awesome?

Rookie Card Showcase: 2004 Bowman Heritage Huston Street

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You can hate me now ...

You can hate me now ...

This freakin’ guy. For his first couple of seasons in Oakland, Huston Street was awesome. Then he hit a bump in the road, was ousted from his role as closer and was included in the deal with Colorado for Matt Holliday. Then in recent days we saw exactly why Oakland had ZERO qualms about trading this guy. Dude failed to nail down saves in back to back games in the NLDS. Had he completed his job, the Rockies would be facing the Dodgers on Thursday. Instead we’ve got Ryan Howard looking like a beast and the Phillies one step closer to defending their title.

Being a San Francisco Bay Area resident, I had to chance to see Street pitch a lot in person and on television. Each time he came into the game he had this Nas song playing. Kind of appropriate that the words say “You can hate me now.” I think Huston needs to clear his friggin’ head and ditch the music. I’m sure Rockies fans really do hate you right now.

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