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Thrift Treasures 94: You won’t find that in a box of Chrome

Posted in Thrift Treasures with tags , , on August 27, 2015 by Cardboard Icons

Technically there are lots of things you won’t find in a box of Topps Chrome baseball.  But today I was out this morning looking for Topps Chrome retail blasters and couldn’t find any.

So I decided to stop into one of my local thrift stores. They had a few bags of cards but none that looked worth buying. Before I left I did a quick sweep through the book section and sitting there was this signed copy of Condoleeza Rice’s memoir.  Rice was the 66th Secretart of State under President George W. Bush.  

Now I’m not Mr. Politico. I don’t go on rants about government or even reply subscribe to one line of thinking.  But the names of politicians do stick in my mind and when you find signed copies of their books sitting on thrift store shelves you should buy them.  If for no other reason they often can be flipped for something else to add to your collection.

I’d say that this find was much better than finding a stash of Topps Chrome Blasters, which I wanted to run into today.

Total cost of this Treasure: $4.99

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