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Look at that girl with the Daisy Dukes on …

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Long before the 69 Boyz made this smash hit “Daisy Dukes,” a classic song from the 90s celebrating women wearing short shorts, there actually was Daisy Duke — the television character for whom the shorts were named.

  Catherine Bach played the iconic character on the television show “The Dukes of Hazzard.” This show was a hit when I was growing up and was one of my favorite shows.

Everyday I sat and watched the Duke boys, Bo and Luke, fight crime in Hazard County (and sometimes nearby Chickasaw County), and then escape the chase of Roscoe P Coltrain. Their efforts were often aided by a scantily clad (for 1980s taste anyway) Daisy whose beauty often sidetracked Roscoe, sidekick Enos, and of course Boss Hogg.

It was good, cheesy, solid television for the time. The story lines were often lame, but who could resist the show, especially that iconic car, the General Lee.(*side note: The episodes with cousins Coy and Vance instead of Bo and Luke were unwatchable.)

The show has been back in the news recently because of the car and the Confederate Flag that was emblazoned on top. If you’re looking for a hot political take, you can stop reading now.  You’re not getting it here.

In 2014, trading card makers Panini released a line of cards called “Golden Age.” It was a mix of sports and pop culture cards. In the set were autographed cards of John Schmeider (Bo Duke), Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) and Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke).

I managed to get the signed cards of Schneider and Wopat pretty early, but as you can imagine there was quite a demand for the female star of the show. I waited a year, but managed to acquire the Bach autograph recently to finish the signed trio. Yeeeeeeee-Hawwwwww.