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Big Thanks to Wax Heaven

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G0nna make this short and sweet. A few weeks back Mario broke a pack of Triple Threads baseball supplied by Topps and out of it he pulled this sweet Jon Lester auto-relic. I immediately inquired about it and he said I could have it for nothing more than my postage-paid bubble mailer. When the card arrived, it also came with a little container of other goodies including about a dozen random Red Sox cards, a UFC Michael Bisping Auto redemption (Topps estimates it’ll be ready in March) and this Derek Jeter Upper Deck short print card commemorating his achievement as the all-time Yankee hits leader. If there is one thing I have learned in my 18 months as a blogger it’s that there are a lot of generous people in our hobby.

Stupid Inserts Part IV: 2005 Playoff Prestige “Connections”

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2005PrestigeConnectionsJeterRodriguezLook, I understand the idea behind creating cards featuring one or more players from the same team. Some collectors dig that kind of stuff, especially when the card features two of the hobby’s heaviest hitters: Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. But what makes this 2005 Playoff Prestige “Connection” insert set ridiculous is the freakin’ design. Look at the left hand side of this card. Who the hell is Rodri? Maybe the card was supposed to say “A-Rod,” but fact is Playoff had to fill that space with something and they chose Rodri. Boo!

Topps Tek hurt the card collecting hobby

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2000ToppsTekDerekJeterfront2000ToppsTekDerekJeter2I know you’re sick of hearing the negative aspects of the hobby. But fact is it’s still interesting to point out where things started to go wrong. For example Topps really started to hurt the hobby when they created sets like Topps Tek. the inaugural version of this set is very  much in demand with player collectors, but subsequent versions like this 2000 Derek Jeter weren’t such a hit. The deal with Topps Tek is that Topps created the cards on acetate and then printed NINETY different variations. This Jeter is “pattern” No. 1 and features the MLB logo on the background. It is my belief, and I could be wrong, that this Tek idea of 90 variations spawned the piece of crap set called “Moments and Highlights,” which essentially is a set of like 50 players each with 50 different cards all serial numbered to varying quantities. Not everyone hates these Topps products, by aside from a couple of hardcore set and team collectors, these sets missed the mark.

I will say this though, Topps Tek looked a whole hell of a lot better than Moments and Highlights. The acetate cards are still pretty neat.

Topps just doesn’t like Derek Jeter

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I hope Jeter is wearing a cup.


Derek Jeter was a spokesman for Upper Deck. In 2007, we saw the biggest gimmick in the history of sports cards when rival card maker Topps issued a basic Derek Jeter card that showed him striking out and then had images of Mickey Mantle and President George W. Bush Photoshoped into the background.

Well, the other day I unearthed this 2003 Topps Opening Day Derek Jeter and can’t help that Topps’ photo editor for this particular set must also have hated Jeter. It looks like Jeremy Burnitz is about to deliver a headshot to Jeter’s junk here. Also, I have yet to determine if someone Photoshoped the ball into Jeter’s glove. Notice Jeter is still waiting for the ball, yet it looks like it has already arrived. And from the angle we are given, the ball looks awfully white and somewhat out of place.

2009 Cardboard World Series: Yankees v. Phillies

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CardboardWorldSeries2009bWelcome to the 2009 Cardboard World Series. I am your host, Newspaperman. We’ve got an on-the-field competition pitting two of the most powerful lineups in all of baseball in the American League Champion New York Yankees and the National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

But what happens on the field matters not in the Cardboard World Series. In this fictional championship battle, wel take a look at Newspaperman’s collection and pit the rookie card* (or best available card of the player if no rookie is available) of each player at each position against one another.

Last year we saw the Tampa Bay Rays defeat the Philadelphia Phillies in a stunning 5-3-3 victory. This year the same rules apply with a few tweaks: I’ve lumped the outfielders all together, scraped the DH and added late-inning bullpen guys.

With Hobby studs Ryan Howard, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez in play, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top. Without further adieu, let’s play ball. Continue reading