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Final Topps Diamond Giveaway Package arrives — a MUST see

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You gotta see this short video of my final Topps Diamond Giveaway package.

A friendly reminder: Diamond Topps closes this week

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In case you forgot about the Topps Diamond Giveaway Promotion that was part of all 2011 base Topps sets, this is your friendly reminder that the site closes on 6/30/12.  All trades must be completed on that date.  Additional time is being allowed to request deliveries, according to the site.

You can thank me later.

Here’s the site.

Topps Diamond Giveaway Haul #3: Now with Die Cuts!

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This is THE Diamond Giveaway Haul post I’ve been waiting to post.

Over the 10 months I’ve been somewhat busy on the Topps Diamond Giveaway site.  During that time I’d acquired more than 60 rookie cards for my collection as well as some nice Die Cuts.

I’d already taken delivery of two shipments, all of which had been rookie cards.  The posts can be seen here and here.

But alas, the Die Cuts have come home … along with some more rookies of course

We’ll start with the cardboard virgins (aka rookies) because I have to show these badboys off.  Most are guys you’ve never heard of, but some of them have great names.

1956 Topps Bob Nelson rookie

1964 Topps Herm Starrette

1971 Topps Don Hahn

1973 Topps Jim Breazeale rookie

1973 Topps Chuck Seelbach rookie

1974 Topps Bob Gallagher rookie

1974 Topps Gene Garber rookie

1975 Topps Mario Mendoza rookie

1976 Topps Champ Summer rookie

1976 Topps Mike Miley rookie

1976 Topps Jim Umbarger rookie

1976 Topps John Candelaria rookie

1978 Topps Larry Harlow rookie

1979 Topps Bruce Bochy / Mike Fischlin / Don Pisker rookie

1979 Topps Bruce Benedict / Glenn Hubbard / Larry Whisenton rookie

1981 Topps Lamarr Hoyt rookie

1982 Topps Jay Howell / Ty Waller rookie

1982 Topps Jorge Bell rookie

1984 Topps Jeff Russell rookie

And now … the Die Cuts!

We’ll leadoff with the greatest lead-off hitter of all time,  Mr. Rickey Henderson.

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cut Rickey Henderson

Batting second, another great lead-off hitter, Ichiro.

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cut Ichiro

Every team needs and ace.  The leader of my Die Cut staff is Tim Lincecum.

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cut Tim Lincecum

This next one proved to be one of the most popular cards on the site.  Everyone loves a hot rookie insert. Welcome, Mr. Eric Hosmer.

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cut Eric Hosmer

The way I obtained this next Die Cuts is simply amazing.  I turned two common Die Cuts into a 1953 Common, which was then swapped for a 1952 Common.  That 1952 Common was then traded for a Jackie Robinson DDC, which then was traded up for this Cal Ripken … which was also a pretty popular card on the site.

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cut Cal Ripken

And we close this edition of Topps Diamond Giveaway Haul with the man who made this entire shipment free because his card was a black die cut serial numbered out of 60.  Welcome to the collection, Joey Bats!

2011 Topps Black Diamond Die Cut Jose Bautista /60

Now batting

Topps Diamond Giveaway Haul #1

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1976 Topps Kent Tekulve rookie card

Psst … did you know I collect rookie cards?  And not just the big ones either.

It’s never been so evident as it is right now.

I recently took delivery of two hauls from the Topps Diamond Giveaway site.  I still have another batch or two of items  that I need to “order” from the site, but I figured I’d start showing off what the virtual trading site has brought to my reality.

The beauty of the site is that if you spend enough time and effort you can get the cards shipped to you for free.  With any “prize” (free pack, Diamond special set, Black Diamond Die Cut, etc.) you can have 24 cards shipped to you at no cost.

I took advantage of this twice thus far.  Here is my first batch.  And they are all glorious rookie cards.

1967 Topps Jim Barbieri rookie card

1968 Topps Ted Kubiak rookie card

1974 Topps Rudy Meoli rookie card

1974 Topps Larry Christenson rookie card

1975 Topps Vic Correll rookie card

1975 Topps Chris Ward rookie card

1975 Topps Greg Gross rookie card

1976 Topps Johnny Wockenfuss rookie card

1976 Topps John Stearns rookie card

1976 Topps Larry Parrish rookie card

1976 Topps Kent Tekulve rookie card

1978 Topps Donnie Moore rookie card

1978 Topps Gary Beare rookie card

1978 Topps Bob Stanley rookie card

1978 Topps Willie Hernandez rookie card

1979 Topps Don Reynolds rookie card

1980 Topps Lynn Jones rookie card

1981 Topps Rusty Kuntz / Fran Mullins / Leo Sutherland rookie card

1981 Topps Charlie Leibrandt rookie card

1981 Topps Sal Butera rookie card

1982 Topps Kevin Hickey rookie card

1982 Topps Scott Brown rookie card

1984 Topps Pete O'Brien rookie card

1984 Topps Jose Oquendo rookie card

Video Break: 2011 Topps Update / Bowman Chrome Walmart Value Box

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Had to make a run to Walmart on Tuesday to get my oil change.  While waiting I  ventured over to the card aisle and discovered the return of the Walmart Value Box.  Here we get 5 2011 Topps Update, 1 Bowman Chrome HOBBY pack, a Topps Diamond Giveaway Code and a special Bryce Harper “Bowman Chrome” refractor for $14.99.  I bought one and did something I rarely do … I broke it on video.


2011 Topps Hope Diamond Rod Barajas /60

The two codes yielded a 1981 Dave Stieb and a 1981 Dave Petry.  Three hours later the Petry was traded on the Diamond Giveaway site for a 1976 Dan Meyer, 1980 Jim Mason, 1983 Fred Lynn and 1983 League Leaders card w/ Lamaar Hoyt and Steve Carlton.