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Thrift Treasures 102: Nomo Mojo for $5

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Surely you’ve heard of “weekend warriors,” a phrase that has been given to many groups of people including those who run around to various garage sales and flea markets looking for treasures. 

Well, have this week I was a Wednesday Warrior.

I went to visit a friend who recently had surgery and during this trip I also visited a mid-week flea market that has turned up some treasures for others.  The pickings were slim got a sports guy like me, but I did find a single binder that for $5 was too good to pass up.

It’s crazy to think this, but it’s been twenty years since the baseball world went crazy for Japanese star Hideo Nomo. His stuff was blazing hot, and among his most sought after cards was his primary Japanese 1991 BBM release. 
 photo 836447D8-50D7-4376-A400-C71D6EC135A0_zpsledhpp69.jpg

Well, this binder just so happened to have the basic Japanese rookie card, as well as four other subsets from that same set.  Additionally, it had more than 30 total Nomo cards, most of which were from 1995, his MLB rookie year. photo 836447D8-50D7-4376-A400-C71D6EC135A0_zpsfbrpzx8b.jpg
 photo B9C22128-8468-4D52-9719-026E98CCD7AB_zpsm2qxwbpc.jpg
 photo 0F8F6B84-4659-4EF7-8DC5-43A816BE2F1E_zps1guizbdv.jpg
<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 227977FF-AE6A-4738-A8EE-5510C8BE06AD_zpsinuld43t<a href=" http:="""" user="" cardboardicons="" media="" 0bfcd45c-871e-4297-8153-4a66ae4fa796_zpscoou2o0h.jpg.html"=""

As a bonus, the binder also had this sweet 2010 Topps National Chicle Tim Wakefield which I’d always wanted.
 photo 0BFCD45C-871E-4297-8153-4A66AE4FA796_zpscoou2o0h.jpg

Also two autographs, including one with a “John 3:16” inscription. 
 photo 5469CBBF-933F-4341-B42E-9F79019594D2_zpsxqzb3ig5.jpg

Total cost of these treasures: $5

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Icon-O-Clasm: Chan Ho Boom

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Online breakers these days like to say “Boom” when they pull something significant.  Well, in 1994, if you were busting Ultra Series this was probably the best rookie insert possible.   

I manager to pull this tonight from a repack box at target.  Not exactly the object of my affection but a fun pull from a sealed pack of a product I wouldn’t even think about opening these days unless it was a bonus. 

An Auto A Day … #2

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Tom Candiotti never was overpowering, but no matter how you look at it, it takes a special skill set to spend more than 15 years in the Major Leagues. A career that long doesn’t happen by accident.  Candiotti dazzled batters at times with his knuckleball during the 1980s and the 1990s as he spent time with six teams during his 16-year career.   He twice led the league is games lost and ended his career in 1999 with a career record of 151-164, but a respectable ERA of 3.73.


As noted, Candiotti wasn’t an upper echelon pitcher, but one of those hurlers who’ll never be forgotten by those who had the chance to watch him.  And in case you missed him during his playing careers, you can always relieve a bit of Candiotti when you pop in Billy Crystal’s flick “*61″.”  Candiotti was cast to play Hall of Fame knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm, who in the flick pitches for the Orioles and is called upon to pitch to Roger Maris even though it’s not a traditional closing situation.  Candiotti’s performance s masterful. (hope you get the sarcasm).

Card wise Candiotti has three true rookie cards, 1984 Topps, Donruss and Fleer.  In terms of autographs, he technically has four: There is the basic 1996 Leaf Signature shown above, and then two parallels of the same card.  And according to, there is a fourth one but it is a 1/1 cut signature from In The Game.  Not really sure why that card exists, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the signature is probably a cut up 1996 Leaf card. Go figure.


In Memoriam: Bob Welch (Nov. 3, 1956 – June 9, 2014)

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Bob Welch
Nov. 3, 1956 – June 9, 2014

1991 Stadium Club



Props to Topps on Hyun-Jin Ryu’s 2014 release featuring his Korean League statistics

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Just want to take a quick minute and give props to Topps for the inclusion of the Korean League statistics on Hyun-Jin Ryu’s 2014 Topps and Topps Opening Day releases. To my knowledge this is the first time Topps — or any company for that matter — has included full, year-by-year statistics for a player who has come to Major League Baseball from a professional league in another country. It’s nice to see how a player faired against competition elsewhere, even if the statistics don’t exactly translate to MLB.


**edited: Commenter advises 2001 Topps Ichiro rookie card has year-by-year Japanese statistics. Good call, I stand corrected.