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Cardboard Icons’ Collecting Goals for 2013

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Last year at this time, I set my goals for 2012 and for the most part, I met them all, including the top goal of them all — acquire a 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth rookie card.

Well, as we again prepare to flip the calendar, it’s only right that I take a few moments to set my collecting goals for 2013.

But before I do, I will throw this unofficial one out there:  I will not try to match or best the performance I had in 2012.  About a week ago, I documented here my top 25 acquisitions of 2012.  While I was compiling the list, it was apparent to me that I had gained so many new “trophy” cards in the last calendar year that I might go broke if I tried to do that again.

So if you think I’m going to intentionally try to improve my collection by leaps and bounds again, you’ve got another thing coming.  Of course if the right situation or deal should present itself, who am I to say no?

And so it is without further adieu that I hereby set the Cardboard Icons’ Collecting Goals of 2013:


Buy less Bowman Baseball

Some collectors have a hard time saying “no” to the Topps flagship release each year.  For me, my weakness is Bowman, especially in each of the last three years. The tag team of Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg had made it hard for me to pass in recent years, and then the additions of Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes made the sets something to chase — at least in my head.  Well, heading in 2013, I simply do not see a new guy who stirs the collecting juices like the others mentioned here, so I’m hoping that this fact in and of itself will aid in my goal to not buy Bowman Baseball like it’s super rare.  I’m not saying I won’t buy any; I’m just saying I don’t want to feel like I need to buy it all out every time I see it.


Finish The Elite Series (1991-1993) set

I’m getting so close that I can smell it.  In 2012, I knocked more than a dozen cards off my need list, including two mammoths — the signed cards of Ryne Sandberg and Cal Ripken Jr.  Well, Will Clark is the only inked card standing in my way from finishing the signed cards, and a few 1991 “commons” are all I need to finish this run of flashy chase cards.


Organize the rookie card collection

I have six three-row shoe boxes chock full of rookie/prospect (Bowman) cards; and there are at least another two boxes of cards sitting near by computer containing rookie cards I acquired via CheckOutMyCards.Com over the last two years.  This is unacceptable.  I have doubles, triples and quadruples of some players; I have rookie cards of hall of famers sitting among cards of guys who never even sniffed The Majors.  Bottom Line:  I need to get my ish in order.  The added benefit of this, of course, is that once I get my stuff in order, I can see what extras I have, so I can purge those and sell them.

What are your 2013 Collecting Goals?

New Additions Part V: Card O’ Plenty

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napt5longospThe packages keep coming, and with each one the pile of cards on my desk that needs to be scanned has grown. While I’m still waiting for a few other packages, I may as well do this post now before it gets way too overwhelming. Enjoy. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1992 Donruss Elite Series Frank Thomas

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It’s rare that an insert set lives up to it’s namesake. But when it came to early 90s inserts, there was nothing better than the ultra rare Donruss Elite Series cards. They were unmistakable. When you ripped open a pack and saw that shiny goodness staring at you from the middle of the stack, you knew you struck it rich. During a time when most cards featured dull action shots set inside boring borders, the Elite cards had the wow factor. It had holofoil. It had gloss. It has serial numbering. Did I mention the cards had holofoil!? Today I look at the ever poplar set through the portal that is the 1992 Donruss Elite Frank Thomas card. Continue reading