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Cardboard Porn: 2010 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor Dustin Ackley

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Cardboard Porn: Because sometimes words just get in the way.

This is the seventh in an on-going series of card images titled “Cardboard Porn.”

2010 Bowman Box Break: Hunt for Strasburg

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With the hype surrounding this years release of Bowman baseball, it was impossible to pass on this. I love this product, but in recent years it has waned on me. Too much nonsense, not enough punch. Typically Topps holds back the good stuff for its Chrome and Draft releases. This year, though, basic Bowman carries a ton of hype, probably the most I’ve seen since 1997 when Jose Cruz Jr., Hideki Irabu and Travis Lee were all the rage. Anyway, jumbo boxes are what you want, but you’re going to be charged an arm and a leg for them. They were $165 at my local shop … and they were sold out before they hit the shelves. And so I settled for a regular box at a fraction of the price. Here are the goods:

The box didn’t yield any of the Strasburg autos, which are what are driving prices through the roof, but I did manage to get his base Chrome card, as well as his two insert cards — Bowman Expectations (Tim Lincecum is on the other side) and Topps 100 Prospects. I also managed to get Chrome cards of two of the other hotter players in the set, Donovan Tate and Aroldis Chapman. I was really hoping for ones of Dustin Ackley and Bryce Harper as well, but that didn’t happen.

As you can see, I beat the odds and managed to get two autographs. A basic box of 24 packs is “guaranteed” to have one Chrome auto. The jumbo boxes have three, hence the big price jump. My two autos were OK: Josh Thole “RC” and Prospect Wil Myers, who had a Elite auto a few years ago. The box also yielded two refractors serial numbered to 777 copies; Bo Greenwell and Jeff Antigua. My box also had two base parallels, one blue and one orange, both of which were “rookies:” Charlie Morton (/500) and Eric Young Jr. (/250).

One word of warning: The Chrome cards in these boxes are coming out scratched, especially the refractors. If you collect Chrome, you know this is always a problem. But these are pretty bad.

I (Heart) sticker ‘graphs! (Shoutout to FieldLevelView)

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Just a quick shoutout to Field Level View for a pair of giveaway items I received today. He recently busted on video and reviewed two products that were provided to him by their respective companies. Those products being 2009 Tri-Star Prospects Plus and 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars. Jason, the blogger, managed to pull probably the best autograph possible out of the Prospects Plus box, an emerald parallel Dustin Ackley signature numbered to just 25 copies, and then a very solid Prince Fielder autograph from his Signature Stars box.  Both are going into my PC. Jason only collects Houston teams (Astros and Texans) and a few other players like Nolan Ryan, so just about everything else he has been given by companies for review is up for grabs. Check out Field Level View for more giveaways. And just make sure you follow the rules that he has posted, they’re pretty simple, but must be followed.