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In Memoriam: Dusty Rhodes, The American Dream, Oct. 12, 1945 – June 11, 2015 

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Topps Spokesman David Wright getting assaulted caught on cardboard

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Topps Spokesman David Wright was assaulted by three teammates earlier this year after stealing the show during a World Baseball Classic game. Wright jacked a home run and teammates Kevin Youkilis, Derek Jeter and Shane Victorino pummeled him before he got to the plate. Youkilis gave him a Karate Kid crane kick to the back, Jeter went with the Dusty Rhodes style elbow and Victorino looks like he is trying to stab Wright, but forgot the knife.

No charges have beeen filed against Wright's attacekrs

No charges have been filed against Wright's attackers

When asked why Wright was still smiling after the game, the trio of attackers told reporters, “Hey, we’re baseball players, we don’t know how to fight.”

Wow, Dusty Rhodes is dead …

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not The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, but this Dusty Rhodes. (STORY) via MLB.COM


New Additions Part III: Vintage Hank, an ‘Elite’ Thrill, and more

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napt3cThe theme for today is combined shipping. As collectors in this day and age, we are all frustrated with inflated shipping costs. Sometimes a seller will charge upwards of $3 to ship a single, non-graded card. Ridiculous. So when you find that one dealer who has more than one card you want, and is willing to combine costs, you’d better take advantage of it. Yesterday I received three packages from three different eBayers. Keep reading to see the loot. Continue reading