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Horrible Card of the Day Part IV

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1993 Rembrandt Ultra-Pro Eric Karros #3

When Eric Karros burst onto the Major League Baseball scene in 1992, he was known for being an outstanding hitter and a decent defender.

His skills were good enough to earn him 1992 National League Rookie of the Year honors, an achievement that Dodger player earned three straight seasons.

Such accolades usually lead to different types of endorsements — shoes, clothing, cars, etc.

In Karros’ case, he got the Ultra Pro gig, something that fellow National Leaguer Bobby Bonilla was holding down at about the same time.

Ultra Pro, the producer of fine baseball card storage products such as soft sleeves and binder pages, produced promotional cards to go along with their products.  One such card is this 1993 Karros shown above.

What … the … hell … is going on here?

Is he really wearing a blue polo shirt and doing a curl with a 5 pound dumbell?

Think that is awesome?  Check out the back:

Karros looks like a celebrity endorser for Pert Plus or SuperCuts.

Also have to love that this was a Limited Edition of 100,000.



Ugh … this card is just horrible.

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