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Card of the Day: 2000 Ovation Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds)

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Eight years ago, Ken Griffey Jr. went home. He went from being a superstar in the Pacific Northwest to a hometown hero. He traded the Mariner blue for Cinicinatti Reds pinstripes. Then for some reason his health betrayed him like Mother Nature or the Almighty himself was a Seattle fan. Griffey became an injured star; a shell of his former self. And aside from a few milestone homers, since that move fans have been relegated to watching old highlights of The Kid, or low lights of him hurting himself while round third base in a spring training game or chasing a routine flyball. But before The Kid became an old frail man, he was the greatest player the game had seen in decades. And when he made that move to Cincy, this 2000 Ovation card was one of the first to picture Griffey in a Reds uniform. It was one of the hottest cards on the market. Continue reading