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CONTEST: Win a Josh Hamilton autograph

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I’ve recently reached a milestone of 75,000 page views. In honor of that, I will be giving away a Josh Hamilton autograph I received through the mail. Want the card? All you’ve got to do is leave a comment and tell me how you found this blog the first time. The contest will run through Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, and a winner will be randomly selected on Christmas Day. Good luck.

— Newspaperman

Free Topps Town Codes

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OK, I’ve gotten enough inquiries about these damn 2009 Topps Town Code cards that I am just going to give away the codes and keep the cards. Want a code? Just leave a comment below. I’ll e-mail the code to you.  Two per e-mail address; I think I’ve got 50 or so, some GOLD ones, too.

The Most Hated Card in my Collection (Contest)

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Sexson1Yes, it’s true. There is a baseball card in my collection that I absolutely hate, and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Look at this chunk of junk: 2002 Donruss Big League Challenge Materials Dual Relic of Richie Sexson.

The card features pieces of a jersey and pants that Richie wore during an exhibition challenge played Feb. 8 and Feb. 9, 2002. First off, the relics are utterly worthless. It was a one-time event that 99 percent of America didn’t even know occurred, plus it’s Richie Sexson — who has three followers, Richie Sexson, his mother and probably one guy who met him when he was with the Indians. And because this was an exhibition, I cannot find a team collector who might enjoy this. And lastly, it’s encapsulated in this massive SCD slab (meaning it can’t just hide with the rest of my crappy relics) that keeps the relics in their “untouched” state. Yes, the relics have never been touched by human hands, the company proclaims!

Are you a fan of Richie Sexson? Do you love these relic cards? Are you pining to own it? Well, the card can be yours. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what card in your collection is your most hated. Then the winner (selected by random drawing) will have to send me an SASE (bubble mailer w/ postage). Simple, right? “Contest” ends Sunday at midnight pacific.

25,000 Page View Contest

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This happened much faster than I could have imagined. Over the last two weeks I’d been basking in the glory of eclipsing the 20,000 page-view mark. And in the last few days I’ve seen readership spike, particularly yesterday when someone went on a rampage and looked at all my Yo! MTV Raps posts. (Note: That series is not dead or complete, I’ll be continuing it shortly.) But here I am on the verge of 25,000 views and I feel it is time for my first TRUE contest.

Now I’m aware that some blogs and companies may offer you nice, bright and shiny cards in return for your readership. Some of those cards are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s great. But I’m a basic collector; I don’t have that kind of stuff to give away. But I do have an extra rookie card of one of the newest Hall of Famers: Rickey Henderson. Continue reading

Big thanks to Submarine Shane

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2008sweetspotdustinpedroia361Earlier this week I received a small padded envelope from Wax Heaven’s “Man On The Street” Submarine Shane. He contacted me about a week and a half ago, offering some Red Sox base cards he’d received from some products. Well, what arrived, was more than expected. In all, there were eight cards, three cards for my 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter set, a 2005 Leaf Limited Roger Clemens (Sox uni) SP /99, a 2007 UD Masterpieces Black Linen border David Ortiz /99, 2008 Sweet Spot base cards of Mike Lowell and Dustin Pedroia, and then this:

Continue reading