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Card of the Day: 1970 Topps Paul Schaal

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This is why I love vintage baseball cards. You can pick up almost any of them and find something interesting. Here we’ve got a common 1970 Topps card of one Paul Schaal, a career .244 hitter who played for two teams, the Angels and Royals. Under most circumstances this piece of cardboard is not one that would not make many people think. Unless of course you’re me, looking for something interesting to write about. Continue reading

Sons of Anarchy + Guitar Hero = Less Card Business

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I’m a bad blogger. Between six episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” and obtaining my copy of recently released “Guitar Hero: World Tour,” (XBOX 360) I’ve not really had a chance to sit down and fumble with cards this weekend. I tried to promise myself, and my wife, that I’d stay as far away from the computer as possible for a good 24 hours. That said, here I am Monday morning without a Card of the Day. My apologies.

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