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Project Organize: Big Problem With Small Cards

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As mentioned recently, the only real hobby goal I have for 2019 is to be more organized.  What that will eventually look like is somewhat unknown.  But my initial plan was to move a lot of cards out of boxes and into binder pages.

I set the ground work for this on Black Friday when I purchased a box of 100 BCW 15-pocket pages from Blowout Cards to house tobacco size cards. (side note, I prefer Ultra Pro Products but a sale is a sale.) Up to this point I had a few hundred already in a binder, but I had several hundred more just sitting in other boxes.  The odd size makes them fun, but also presents storage challenges.

So Wednesday night while watching the Golden State Warriors take down the New York Knicks I decided to get cracking on this “small” problem.

I located two plastic boxes that housed my Gypsy Queen, Allen & Ginter, Golden Age minis … and then I located even more in another box. And as I kept looking I kept finding these little cards mixed in all over the place. It was akin to when you visit someone with a pet – suddenly you start finding cat and dog hair everywhere.

So I culled them (at least what I was finding in front of me) and placed them on my ottoman. Then I located my binder of minis and realized I have a HUGE problem with these little cards: I freaking love them … but do I love them all? Like do I love them all enough to keep them all?

Am I the only one with this problem?

I know of at least one other guy, (what’s up, Olds?) who also enjoys the minis, but does anyone else actually collect them, or are they merely piling up because they feel special and you can’t get rid of them?

Personally, I really enjoy the Ginter minis, but I’ve yet to really find a focus with them. And while I am building a 2014 Gypsy Queen mini set (I’ll post a need list later), a lot of the stuff – including dupes — just sits there.

If you’re in search of anything from 2010-present with minis let me know, I’ve probably got something you need.

I can’t believe it took 17 years …

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I can’t believe it took 17 years for this iconic image of Ken Griffey Jr. to me chronicled on cardboard.

Am I wrong?  Has this already been capture on a card?

I recently pulled this from a pack of 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen and was in awe when I saw it.  I remember being 15 when this play happened.  Griffey was probably the hobby’s biggest star and arguably the game’s top player when he went all-out and made one of the greatest catches I can remember, and probably of all time.

Griffey will be remembered for many things:

… being the face of Upper Deck for two decades.

… being one of the game’s greatest natural sluggers.

… being hurt in nearly every one of his final 10 seasons.

But this catch is his legacy.  THIS is what separates him from the rest of the games stars over the last 20 years.  Props to Topps for getting this documented on a card.


Trying Gypsy Queen retail …

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For the the better part of the last two weeks, I’ve been hearing about the new Topps Gypsy Queen.  About how it’s another retro-brand release, about how the product seemingly has been printed in shorter numbers than anticipated, and blah … blah … blah.  In a nutshell, it’s translated into a pricey niche brand that really hasn’t caught my collecting eye.

Nonetheless, I did want to buy a pack of two.  But I opted to stay away from the hobby version since prices were through the roof. Luckily, the product arrived at Target this week.

I had many options, lose (already searched) packs, blasters (with an extra pack) or a “Value Pack” containing three packs and a special bonus pack of parallels.

I love me some exclusive bonuses!

Here’s the result.  Perhaps my Target computer-generated coupon was foreshadowing …

Pack 1

It’s always nice to open your first pack of  a product and be greeted with a card of the best player in the game. Too bad the card looks like someone was snacking on the edge …

Wall Climbers insert of Mike Stanton. Meh.

Mini Gerardo Parra

and three commons

Pack 2

Roger Maris … pretty sure this image has been used 9,674 times.

Future Stars Trevor Cahill insert

Mini Ty Wiggington

and three commons

Pack 3

A nice surprise … Sandy Koufax

Home Run Heroes Mark Teixeira insert

A Jimmy Page Gypsy Queen back mini parallel of Xavier Nady

three commons (Yes, ANOTHER James Shields)

Bonus Pack

Gary Carter

Ryne Sandberg

Christy Mathewson

Review:  I really like the bonus pack green border parallels.  If every card in the set looked and felt like these, I’d be all over this product.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they don’t, so my opinion about this product … Remains The Same.