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36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps box break finale

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36timesdopedonecancelSometimes you bite off a little more than you can chew.

About two months ago I started the “36 Times Dope” series, a feature showcasing the contents of each pack of a single box of 1991 Pro Set “Yo! MTV Raps” cards. Through the first 10 packs everything went fine. Then I began seeing several doubles and my knowledge of the rap game was not good enough to sustain the level of entertainment I’d hoped to provide. Over recent weeks I’d hoped to revisit the series, but alas here I am on March 23 calling it quits.

My goals with the project were two-fold: 1, break a box and provide mildly entertaining and pithy comments about the artists featured, while showcasing their music through videos; 2, to work my way to an entire 150-card set. The latter, I figured, was a foregone conclusion given that there were 360 cards in the box.

As it turned out, I wound up THREE cards short. After reviewing the contents in their entirety, it appears that this “update” box featured at least two or three “high series” (cards 101-150) per pack, thereby screwing the collation of the low series. Blasphemy.

But these efforts were not lost. During my box break, I also picked up another goal — to create the first (I think) Online gallery featuring every card in the “Yo!” set.

So it is without further adieu that I bring to you the “Yo! MTV Raps Card Gallery,” featuring an almost complete set of “Yo!” cards. If you’re reading this and have the three cards missing from this set, please contact me, I’ve got lots of doubles and triples.


Thrift Treasures Part IX: I am Mr. Mint

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tt9ervingIt’s well documented on this blog that I am a baseball-only collector. But it’s also known that I am an opportunist.

So when life gives be a bag of 300 cards, more than half of which are MINT 1980-81 Topps basketball, for $2.98 — less than a single pack of 2009 Topps Heritage baseball — I make the best of it and proceed to the check stand without further delay.

And it is without further adieu that I present the latest treasures … Continue reading

36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps Box Break (Part X)

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36timesdopedoneJust when I was about to note the fact that we have not seen a single duplicate in the box, we hit a pack with 80 percent doubles. Nonetheless, there is still reason to discuss these cards as it gives us an opportunity to watch some awesome 90s rap videos. Also, one of these rappers is sporting a Zack Morris cell phone. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1992 Upper Deck `Bloodlines’ Gary Sheffield and Dwight Gooden

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dwightgaryGary & Dwight. Dwight & Gary. The two were inseparable. Gary Sheffield and Dwight Gooden, uncle and nephew, lived together in Florida for much of their youth. And their relationship was well-documented in the early ’90s when both were forces to be reckoned with in Major League Baseball. But aside from the game, the men also shared an insatiable appetite for fashion. Continue reading