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My Worst Baseball Experience

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img_0110The scene would have been perfect, but things just didn’t go as planned.

Since my wife and I had our daughter three months ago, we’ve not spent a lot of  time alone together. We used to be avid garage sale and thrift store shoppers.  Occasionally we’d hit up a movie. And frequently we’d treat ourselves to a nice dinner. But now with a child? No dice. Not yet, anyway. And honestly, it’s OK. Our child is our priority now.

But when we do see opportunities to have us time, we take it. Wednesday, that was supposed to be our time … at a baseball game.

This is why I love my wife. She’s not a sports fan, but she knows I’m flippin’ nuts about the Red Sox. And over the 12 years that we’ve been together — four of which have been wedded bliss — I’ve managed to convert her to a point where she at least cares when the Sox are in town. Hell, last year she wanted me to teach her the entire starting lineup, which she actually learned. God bless her. You know if she were trying to teach me about make-up brands or certain girly-type stuff I wouldn’t be able to remember more than one. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 1991 Leaf “Gold Leaf Rookies” Jeff Bagwell

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bagwellgold1In my mind, this is the card that started the insert craze. Chase cards have been around since the 1980s — see all of the Fleer and Topps All Star cards — but until the early 90s, they were nothing more than an afterthought, a bonus when buying a retail cello or jumbo pack.

But in 1991, Leaf hit the market with a bang, offering the “Gold Leaf Rookies,” some of the slickest looking cards in the world. Continue reading

Water is the Devil for card collectors

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My mother always told me, “If it’s important to you, then get it off the floor.”  She said this several times to me when I was younger, mainly because I always had stacks of cards on the floor as I strived to have things in an orderly fashion.

Well, Sunday night, not two hours after learning about my “promotion” in the blogosphere, I learned my lesson the hard way: A hose on my washer broke free and running water spilled onto the floor of the garage, the “room” where I store the vast majority of my cards.   Continue reading