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In Memoriam: Gene Elston Mar. 26, 1922 – Sept. 5, 2015

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  2006 Ford C. Frick Award winner.

Update to Carlos Gomez-Madison Bumgarner used ball from 8/11/15

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   So last week I posted about a game-used baseball I bought at the San Francisco Giants game in 8/11/15. The ball was thrown by Madison Bumgarner in ye first inning and was singled to right field by Astros outfielder Carlos Gomez. The piece can be seen here.

While doing some research for a friend it dawned on me that I should check Getty Images to see if there are any picture of Bumgarner throwing the ball.

I didn’t find one. BUT, I did find a very cool picture of Gonzalez making contact with the ball.  This picture can be seen Here the caption notes that the picture of of Home singling off Bumgarner; it was his only hit of the night. 


Former Reds pitcher is “Easter egg” on 2015 Topps Archives Astros card

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  I like to look at my baseball cards.  I mean I don’t meticulously pour over them like I did when I was younger, or like some other collectors, but I do like to look at the cards. I like looking at the players, the uniforms and their equipment.  I like to look at the stadiums and fans in the background. And of course the stats on back.  Because we all know that even though you’ve followed a team or player the previous year, there is something special about seeing the stats on the back of a baseball card.  

Well, today I was examining the 2015 Topps Archives card of Astros slugging youngster Jon Singleton.

The lefty played In 95 games last year in the Major Leagues and had 310 at-bats. He managed to hit 13 homers but tallied a ugly .168 Average in the process. He has started 2015 in the minors, where he’s still hitting homers.

I digress. At this point, Singleton is no longer a “rookie” by Major League standards. And surely Singleton has played parts of no less than five seasons on the minors so it’s safe for one to reason that he has his own equipment.

Which then leads to this Easter egg … Singleton is featured on his 2015 Topps Archives card holding a black Louisville Slugger bat featuring the name is former Reds pitcher Jimmy Haynes, who last pitched in the Majors in 2004 as a member of the Reds.

 How’s that for random?

Haynes retired with an ERA over 5.30, and at the plate he managed just 32 hits in 213 at-bats, good for a .150 Average.

A colorful $10 Challenge entry

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After much searching, I’ve found my $10 Challenge entry. I’ll be the first to admit this is not nearly as good as my last entry.  But, this is better than a typical vintage entry … and I came in under budget.

I’ve really soured on memorabilia cards over the last year or so.  In fact, I’ve sent 98 percent of what I had to  But there are some that I really like.  And at the top of the list are these 2001 UD Gold Glove Slugger’s Choice batting glove cards.  There’s something special to me about a batting glove, probably because the swatches have much more character than your typical jersey … even multicolored patches.

I’m working on this set and pick  up singles every now and then when the swatches appeal to me.  This Rafael Furcal set me back a whopping $3.

Yeah, it’s another jersey card.  Yeah, it’s Cesar Cedeno.  But, look at that swatch!  Classic.  As ugly as the Astros Creamsicle jerseys were, they still have wide appeal as they can be spotted from a mile away.  And to capture the essence of that on a piece of cardboard is something I loved adding to my collection for a mere $4.  There have been two other Cedeno jerseys on eBay recently, but they were single colored swatches.  It’s not often you get a two-tone non-swatch, non-pinstripe like this.

Goodbye Old “Friend”

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It’s not every day that someone offers you a vintage card (pre-1979) of a Hall of Fame player on the Topps Million Card Giveaway site. So when someone makes the offer, you’ve got to at least listen.

Such was the case Monday when I was offered a 1967 Topps Eddie Mathews card for my 1956 Topps Bob Friend. Neither card is going to be called the best card in my collection, but that’s a pretty fair trade of two cards of decent value — not exactly something you hear about on the site every day.

While most cards being given away in this promotion are commons from their respective sets, Friend is a semi-star who had a pretty decent career, and Mathews, as you know by now, is a Hall of Famer.

I suppose there is something to be said about the year each card was released. By no means is a 1967 Topps card as rare as a 1956. But neither card is really rare at all. It should be noted, however, that the MCG site only has three 1956 Topps Bob Friend cards available and only two 1967 Eddie Mathews.

Anyone make any noteworthy trades on the MCG site lately?