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Card of the Day: 2001 Bowman Chrome Jake Peavy

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peaveychrome1By now, you know that the San Diego Padres are in deep talks with the Chicago Cubs about Jake Peavy, a fact that the Cubs may or may not confirm directly or indirectly. But I figured this be as good of time as any to discuss Peavy’s best rookie card, and to share the tale of this particular copy. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2001 Bowman Chrome Miguel Cabrera

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The increasing popularity in Bowman Chrome products has created a stir among some collectors who are now not only looking for a player’s rookie card, but also their first Bowman Chrome card. It’s really an interesting phenomenon. The emphasis in recent years has been greatly on rookie cards, but as is the case with some budding stars, their first Bowman Chrome card — even if it was released a year later — has caught fire, the most recent example being Chase Utley. His 2002 Bowman Chrome card has hit double digits, and in some cases has surpassed or matched the going rate of his actual rookie cards that were produced a full year earlier. But while this trend has become even more popular with chrome cards produced in recent years, there is one first Bowman Chrome card that likely will not ride this wave: 2001 Bowman Chrome Miguel Cabrera.

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