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Thrift Treasures 92: A baggie to DYE for …

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Have you ever wondered how prevailing autographs and game-used cards are in our hobby? Well, they are so prevalent now that I occasionally find them at thrift stores.

Over the last year or so I have managed to unearth a few certified autos and GU cards in baggies just like the one pictured above.  None of them have been very valuable, but still … They are what we’ve dubbed “hits” and they’re sitting among forgotten toys.

This week I located the Baggie shown above and as you can see a foil sticker auto was peaking out at me.

Whose the auto? Well, the headline probably gave that away …

He’s not a hard auto to get, but this one is limited to 125.

There weren’t any other hits in the bag. In fact, much of it looked like this:

But it did have a 2001 Topps gold parallel numbered to … 2,001

And what appears to be the equivalent of a single retail pack of 2002 Fleer Greats of the Game. I love looking at the stats these guys complied.

Mickey Cochrane tallied a .320 batting average over a 13-year career. 

Check out Tony Perez’s 1970 stat line: 

Paul Molitor could hit … Just 3,319 which was good for a .306 career average.

Eddie Murray wasn’t too shabby either. He is a member of the 3,000 hit/500 HR club. I got to see homer number 498 during a doubleheader in Oakland late in 1996. (8/16/96, game 2)

A fellow Eddie in the 500 HR club. 1953 and 1959 were monster seasons for Eddie Mathews.

Total cost of these Treasures: $2.99

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