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Horrible Card of the Day Part II

Posted in Horrible Card Of The Day with tags , , , , , , on October 15, 2011 by Cardboard Icons

In the 1990s, I was a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan.  Call me a front runner if you wish, or maybe even a masochist, but it was a lot of fun cheering for Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed and Jim Kelly.  Bruce Smith was my favorite player.  I loved the way he got after the quarterback in real life and even in Tecmo Super Bowl, maybe the greatest sports game ever created.

I digress.  As you know, the Bills made it to four straight Super Bowls and lost them all.  The first of that series was Super Bowl XXV when the Bills lost to the Giants after kicker Scott Norwood missed  game winner.

And thanks to Upper Deck, we all get to relive that. Ugh … this card is just horrible.

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