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Pack Break: 3 2021 Donruss Football Fatpacks — Will the cards tell us who wins this Super Bowl?

Posted in Box / Pack Break with tags , , on February 13, 2022 by Cardboard Icons

I don’t buy much football these days, but I managed to find these three fatpacks at Walgreens today while picking up a Valentine’s Day card.

Given that today is the Super Bowl I figured this would be a fun, silly way, to see if it’s in the cards as to who will win this game.

Pack One:

Well, Rams star receiver showed up three cards into this pack, but then A Joe Burrow mask variation blue Press Proof came up near the end of the pack. The highlight here is probably the Trevor Lawrence Rated Rookie. The Travis Etienne Jr is the canvas portrait variation.

Pack Two:

Had some repeats in this pack including Cooper Kupp. Perhaps that’s an omen or reassurance that the Rams will win. The actual card highlight here is that Elite Series Bo Jackson.

Pack Three:

Really heavy quarterback pack here with Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, John Elway and Josh Allen.


In all this break revealed a single Bengals card, a blue parallel of Burrow, and a pair of identical Kupp base cards. The OBJ offers somewhat of a third Rams card, but he’s shown as a Brown so that doesn’t really count.

Rams have advantage for quantity, but the Bengals get the upper hand with quality so I’m going to say these packs are telling me it’s going to be Burrow and the Bengals.