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As sad as the Josh Hamilton story is …

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As sad as the Josh Hamilton story is … it’s kind of refreshing.

Listen, I’m no proponent of alcohol or substance abuse.  In fact, I downright loathe both.  But the one thing that I continuously take away from the stories about Josh Hamilton and his “demons” is that he is human; that ball players are human.

So often we like to look at these players like they are of another species.  Like they are athletic gods whose sole purpose in life is to entertain us, sign our items and live up to the contracts that some feel we the fans are paying.

But Josh’s relapse this week in a Dallas pub serves as a reminder that no matter how many home runs he hits in a Home Rub Derby, no matter how much he quotes the bible and praises Jesus Christ, that he is a human being.

We often forget that these players are fathers, husbands, brothers and friends.

Sure, they make money hand over fist and really should not have a financial care in the world. But still, they are human.  They are subjected to the same issues that we ordinary citizens are: temptation and addiction.  And at times — heck, most of the time — we forget that.

What we want to see in these self-professed “times of weakness,” is the ability for the offending person to own their mistake, seek corrective measures, and move forward.

Josh has already shown signs of the first two items on this list.  And maybe as time passes and the 2012 season inches closer, Josh could move forward.

I’m just hoping that there isn’t a plethora of displeased fans who feel it is their place to chastise Josh at the ball park for his mistakes.  None of us are perfect.

No Laughing Matter: Former MLB Pitcher in Jail

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With a wink, corny smile and a thumbs up, Sammy Stewart etched his place in cardboard collecting history. This 1988 Fleer Stewart card has always made me laugh. But it was not until recently that I tried to figure out a way to bring this card into the mainstream, maybe turn it into this hobby’s version of being Rick-Rolled. You know, maybe someone posts a link to some awesome card, only to have it led to this Stewart.

(Example: Sweet BABE RUTH CUT AUTO!)

Well, at least I thought it was funny.

What’s not so a laughing matter, though,  is Stewart’s story. Truth be told, I never followed Stewart one bit, even when he was with the Red Sox. The only thing I knew about him was this funky 1988 Fleer card, which I believe is his last card.

But when I set out to write this piece — with the intention of it being a complete joke — I learned that Stewart was a crack cocaine addict who sold his 1983 World Series ring for drugs, and in 2006 was serving a six-year jail sentence for being an habitual felon. See story here. (Yes, that is a REAL link to a Boston Globe story.)

Suffice it to say, not all stories turn out as nicely as Josh Hamilton’s fairytale. Here’s hoping that Stewart can turn his life around when he gets out.

CONTEST WINNER: Josh Hamilton Autograph

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The holiday weekend caught up with me and the announcement of the winner was delayed by a day and a half. Anyway, the video of the random drawing was concluded and the winner was Dustin, who wrote that he found out about this blog through Cardboard Junkie, which is one of my favorite blogs. Congratulations to Dustin. The card will be mailed as soon as I get an address. If one is not provided within 10 days, I will hold a second random drawing.

Contest reminder: Win a Josh Hamilton autograph

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Two days are remaining in the contest for a Josh Hamilton autograph. Leave a comment HERE and tell me how you first found this blog. Comments will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. (Pacific) Dec. 24. Winner will be announced on Christmas Day.

CONTEST: Win a Josh Hamilton autograph

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I’ve recently reached a milestone of 75,000 page views. In honor of that, I will be giving away a Josh Hamilton autograph I received through the mail. Want the card? All you’ve got to do is leave a comment and tell me how you found this blog the first time. The contest will run through Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, and a winner will be randomly selected on Christmas Day. Good luck.

— Newspaperman