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Looks like Josh Hamilton is back to his old tricks

Posted in TTM Success with tags , , , , on November 23, 2009 by Cardboard Icons

Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about his signing ways. Some 18 days after receiving a Through The Mail (TTM) success from Josh Hamilton, I received yet another from the Ranger outfielder, and this time the envelope contained two signatures.

Earlier this month I received a autograph from Hamilton, 18 months after I sent him one. I’d sent that request during 2008 Spring Training after having failed on a previous attempt to get his signature TTM. From the looks of it, Hamilton is merely catching up on the thousands upon thousands of TTM requests he’s gotten in recent years.

Mr. Hamilton, Thank you for the signatures. As a sign of good faith — I certainly don’t need three Hamilton autos — I’m going to give one away during a contest this week. Stay tuned for details on the contest.

Josh Hamilton TTM Success, 18 months later!

Posted in TTM Success with tags , , , , on November 5, 2009 by Cardboard Icons

JoshHamiltonTTMCame home yesterday to a great surprise, a through the mail (TTM) autograph of Josh Hamilton. I sent a card — not this particular card — to Josh during Spring Training 2008 and had all but given up hopes. I actually sent him a 2000 Bowman’s Best “Teen Idols” insert card, which I thought would have been awesome to have signed because there is some irony there. Anyway, I’m happy to have received this 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update card in its place. Beggars can’t be choosers. This is the first TTM auto I’ve received in almost a year. I actually didn’t send any requests out this year because I was discouraged by my low return rate.

Bargain Blaster: 2007 Ultra Baseball

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packsIn these times of economic uncertainty, a card collector has to find his kicks any way possible. For some of us, that means bargains, not high-dollar gambles. It’s not often that you find bargains at Big Box stores, but recently there have been a few older Blasters that have returned to shelves with nice 50 percent off stickers on them. I uncovered this week at Wal-Mart a small blaster of 2007 Ultra, a product I originally neglected. This blaster contained six packs for a whole $4.97. Sure as heck beats two packs of search 2009 Upper Deck. Results of the break inside. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2008 Topps Update Dual All-Star Relic Josh Hamilton & Ryan Braun

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2008toppshamiltonbraundualrelic1I know relics are played out. There was a time I clamored over these things, too. And once in the early 2000s, while trading cards on the America Online hobby boards, I proclaimed that game-used cards would NEVER decrease in value. Damn, I was wrong, wasn’t I? Remember, this was the beginning of the craze and single-color swatches of Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. were still selling for nearly $100.

I digress, today’s Card of the Day is a 2008 Topps Update Dual All–Star Relic of Josh Hamilton and Ryan Braun, serial numbered to just 25 copies. Beckett has this thing listed at $40 — I find this fact odd since Beckett RARELY lists “values” for cards serial numbered that low — but I have a feeling the value of this card could be higher if sold at auction with a proper title. Continue reading

Blaster Break: 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights

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griffeysoxAs noted earlier, I decided against better judgment and purchased a Target Blaster of 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights to start my set. Here are the results pack by pack. And you know this kind of stuff is riveting, especially when you have ZERO shot at pulling anything worth a damn. So, there is a CONTEST at the end of this entry. Read on … Continue reading