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Topps Spokesman David Wright getting assaulted caught on cardboard

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Topps Spokesman David Wright was assaulted by three teammates earlier this year after stealing the show during a World Baseball Classic game. Wright jacked a home run and teammates Kevin Youkilis, Derek Jeter and Shane Victorino pummeled him before he got to the plate. Youkilis gave him a Karate Kid crane kick to the back, Jeter went with the Dusty Rhodes style elbow and Victorino looks like he is trying to stab Wright, but forgot the knife.

No charges have beeen filed against Wright's attacekrs

No charges have been filed against Wright's attackers

When asked why Wright was still smiling after the game, the trio of attackers told reporters, “Hey, we’re baseball players, we don’t know how to fight.”

New Additions from the Night Owl

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2009SPXTripleJerseyMatsuzakaSchillingBeckettI’m going to go on record again and state that Night Owl cards has been by favorite blog since I discovered it last year. Is it the best and most informative blog? No. But is it entertaining, one that always keeps my attention? Absolutely. In addition to all of this, Greg — the author of NightOwl — and I have managed to become pretty good trading partners. He wants Dodgers, I want Red Sox; we agree to swap whenever possible. As he noted on his blog earlier this week I sent him a package last week consisting of some vintage Dodgers and a  pair of through the mail autographs (Andre Ethier and Brett Butler) f0r this 2009 SPX  Red Sox Triple Relic.

But as many people in the Blogospehere know, there are many generous card bloggers, and Greg is one of them. He also sent along this care package of Red Sox cards — all of which I needed for  my growing Boston collection.

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Card of the Day: 2008 Topps Gold Border Red Sox Classic Combos (Manny & Youkilis)

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2008toppsgoldredsoxclassiccombosLast week I wrote a post about discount blasters at Target. Early last week I picked up a Series 1 2008 Topps Blaster (5 packs) for $5. On Friday, I decided to see if they had any more, and surely they had one left. I bought it and in the first pack I pulled this dandy of a card, 2008 Topps Gold Border, serial numbered /2008.

I knew I needed the card for my Sox collection, but it made me stop and think about the 2008 season, particularly about Manny and Youk. As you can see here, they are pictured slapping high fives, probably after a Manny bomb. But the only slapping these two were involved in on June 5, 2008, was during their fight debate in the dugout. ( article, note the term “debate” in the headline.) Continue reading