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Thrift Treasures 97: A 92-year-old treasure from Treasure Island (San Francisco)

Posted in Thrift Treasures with tags , , , , on October 2, 2015 by Cardboard Icons

For years I had been hearing about a flea market on “Treasure Island,” which is a former Naval base located in the San Francisco Bay between the cities of San Francisco and Oakland. 

The family and I finally made our way up there and while the sports items are scant, I did manage to find a really near vintage card that was me less than two packs of cards.

It may be shaped like a used bar of soap, but I present to you a 1923 Zeenut Lawrence Robertson … In a picture frame.

Robertson played a single season of pro baseball with the Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League. In his one season he allowed 20 earned runs in 37 innings pitched. In short, he was not very good during this one and only season. 

Needless to say this Zeenuts card is his only card. And while this copy is cut to this shape and was still adhered to the paper in this picture frame, it’s still a really neat find at a price that is damn near unbeatable for a card almost a century old. 

Total cost of this treasure: $5

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