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My All-Star Ballot

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ASBallotMy wife and I went to the mall the other day, and needless to say I had no real purpose in being there other than my obligation as a husband. She went shopping with a friend, so I wandered aimlessly through the mall for about 40 minutes, being reminded of why I hate shopping establishments such as these. I dislike teen fashion, get sick of seeing single dudes gawk at chicks they have no shot with, and very much hate that at age 29 I feel old walking into any store. I did happen to stop at a few sports clothing stores, you know, the kind where they sell jerseys, but that experience just left me more angry and bitter. What’s up with the new baseball jerseys? They’ve cut costs by reducing the actual stitching on the replica jerseys by using some garbage single-layer vinyl “patch” instead of the traditional stitched patches. Yes, even REPLICA jerseys used to have stitched patches. Anyone rocking a football or basketball jersey they purchased from Sports Authority or Foot Locker within the last two years knows what I’m talking about. Anyway, I did find one thing at the mall that made me happy — a 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Ballot. And it was FREE. Woo-hoo.

We’re still a month away from the game, but here are my selections for the ASG. This is based upon who DESERVES to be starting. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2008 Topps Gold Border Red Sox Classic Combos (Manny & Youkilis)

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2008toppsgoldredsoxclassiccombosLast week I wrote a post about discount blasters at Target. Early last week I picked up a Series 1 2008 Topps Blaster (5 packs) for $5. On Friday, I decided to see if they had any more, and surely they had one left. I bought it and in the first pack I pulled this dandy of a card, 2008 Topps Gold Border, serial numbered /2008.

I knew I needed the card for my Sox collection, but it made me stop and think about the 2008 season, particularly about Manny and Youk. As you can see here, they are pictured slapping high fives, probably after a Manny bomb. But the only slapping these two were involved in on June 5, 2008, was during their fight debate in the dugout. ( article, note the term “debate” in the headline.) Continue reading

ManRam autograph update

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I just got a message from the eBay seller from whom I purchased the Manny lot (previous post) from, and he said the cards were signed at Fenway Park four years ago. I have no reason to believe he is lying, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. But does this back story change anyone’s mind about the authenticity of these autographs? So far none of the three people who have taken the authenticity poll in that last post can rule them as being fake. One person said they were certain they are real, two are undecided. This is interesting to me because I figured lots of people would automatically discount them as fakes right away. The signatures share similarities with the early Manny autos, but look nothing like those signed in recent years. Hmmm …

Manny Ramirez autograph specialists needed

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manramautosIt’s a coincidence that I follow yesterday’s Stadium Club Manny Ramirez post with another ManRam one. I’m not doing this for page views or pandering to the crowd. I’m doing this because I really need some opinions. What are your opinions on these Manny Ramirez autograph rookie cards I received in the mail yesterday? Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2000 Upper Deck Pennant Driven Manny Ramirez

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mannypenI’ve always been interested in learning what motivates people to do what they do. Personally I have a passion for writing, sports, baseball cards and my family. So whenever I set out to do something, it’s usually to benefit one of those aspects of my life. And I’d argue that most people feel the same.

But things sure are different when money is involved, particularly in sports. Continue reading