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Are we card collectors or memorabilia collectors?

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ramprojectlogodoneFor about a year and a half I’ve been working on my “RAM Project,” one that entails obtaining a rookie (or early card), autograph and memorabilia card of all of the game’s greatest players. In some cases I’ve already made great strides. I’ve got a Babe Ruth bat card, a Willie Mays autograph and Hank Aaron rookie, as shown here.

But either early this week or late last week — all of my days are running together right now — I started thinking more and more about my feelings about memorabilia/game-used cards. Continue reading

New Additions Part IV: A pair of Gem rookies, A-Rod glove and more

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napt4wagnerbiconsI’m still waiting for one awesome package to arrive, but these might hold us over until it arrives. Got three packages in the mail Friday. One from a trader/blogger (Saints of the Cheap Seats) and two from eBayers. Continue reading to see the goods … Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2001 UD MVP Souvenirs Game-Used Batting Glove Ken Griffey Jr.

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griffeygloveWhen game-used cards came about, jerseys/uniforms/pants were the only items being sliced and diced and then mounted in cards. Then bats became the next item of insertion, followed by bases and even dirt from the field (see 2001 Stadium Club — ugh). But in 2001, Upper Deck began using batting gloves, which I always found to be the coolest item. Continue reading

Card of the Day: 2006 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Tandems Dual Patch Brian Giles / Trevor Hoffman

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hoffgilesThere was a time where a card like this would gave been the coolest thing I owned, and for several reasons.

First, It pictures Brian Giles, whom I adored as a player for about three years in the early 2000s. He was an excellent fantasy baseball producer, and that success transferred over to sports cards for me.

Second, it pictures Trevor Hoffman, the man for whom I named my XBOX Live account after. (If you care, it’s HellsBells51). Hoffman was the man, and is my all-time favorite closer. This includes Jonathan Papelbon of my beloved Red Sox.

And third, it’s a patch card numbered 01/35. I still love my patches, even though they are fairly plentiful. Continue reading