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Horrible Card of the Day Part III

Posted in Horrible Card Of The Day with tags , , , on October 21, 2011 by Cardboard Icons

2008 Topps Mayo Black Front Printing Plates Michael Turner

Once upon a time, press plates were popular.  They were unique, they were rare and they offered collectors a chance to own a piece that helped make the thousands of other cards that were sitting in collections, showcases, common boxes and still in packs.

Nowadays they are an afterthought.  Unless you’re sitting on a plate card of a player who has a great following in the hobby, odds are the plate card can be had for less than $20.

Check out this latest example I found on  This is a Michael Turned 2008 Topps Mayo mini press plate,  although it could be of anybody.  Do you see Michael Turner?  I sure as hell don’t.

This could be the worst press plate card I have ever seen.  Usually you see the outline of the image that was produced on every other card.  Here are we have is a seemingly blank “Warm Grey” color plate.

In case you’re interested, here is the basic card that this gem helped make.

Ugh … this card is just horrible.

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